F3Louisville BB – 25 (2 FNGs) Mayberry Q’s the #Ruiner

If you’re looking for trouble in Mayberry you better just mosey on through town….


Date: 7/01/17

QIC: Mayberry

PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Nugget, Mayberry, Seabass, Cardinal, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Methane, The Shocker (FNG), Old Bay, Zartan, Taco, Kidnapper Van, Hobbs, Jordy, Quimby, The Tiger, The Hammer, Probe, Force Close (FNG), Double Down, Mouth, Cool Hand Luke, Moonlight

COP (on the Tennis Courts)

  1. Side Straddle Hops
  2. LBCs
  3. Imperial walkers
  4. Butt Kicks
  5. Shoulder circles (make circles with arms extended)
  6. Stretch
  7. Merkins


The Thang…(Staying on the tennis courts)

  1. Bear Crawl to second court
  2. Merkins (sliding side to side) (start with 10)
  3. Broad jump back to start (can add burpee if they want)
  4. Peter Parker (5 to start)
  5. Repeat 5 times; decreasing merkins by 1 and increasing Peter parkers by 5)

Mosey over to Burpback Mountain…

  1. Start at the bottom of the bottom of hill
  2. Lunge walk up hill
  3. Top of hill: 7 burpees with plank jack
  4. Repeat and decrease burpee by 1 until only 1 is performed


Mosey over to the field hockey field and partner up (size matters)

  1. Round 1
    1. Plank and Derkin (10)
    2. Yodas across the field switching in the middle)
    3. 50 squats (total between both partners)
    4. Yodas back to start
    5. Al Gore while waiting
  2. Round 2
    1. Booyah Merkins (10)
    2. Alternating Broad jumps across field
    3. 50 rosealletas (total between partners)
    4. Run backwards to beginning
    5. Plank to wait
  3. Round 3
    1. Lung Jumps (30)
    2. Kariokee across field
    3. Twerkin (30 total) (Shoulder press):
    4. Karaoke back
    5. High Knees while waiting

Two sprints across the field hockey field AYG.


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