3/12/18 Backblast from the Cold n Sloppy Posh

Before and After Pics.

Q-Tool Time

18 Pax! Methane, Kilo, Iceman, Glaucoma, Lil Jerry, Diablo, StarChild, Grave Digger, McAfee, Snowman, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Pew Pew, Double Down, Mr Hat, Boozer, Broke Back & me

Weather- Sloppy n Cold 34ish


Some Bob Ross Arm Circles (clockwise and counter-clockwise)

20ea in cadence- Abe Vigodas, SSH’s, Mountain Climbers

Thang 1- split into two lines and hit the ol Native American Run to the far side of the lawn.

Thang 2- Circuit Training

(After dragging out the 2.0’s on Sunday to scope out the perfect turf-like grassy spot to set up for this mornings Circuit Training………I awoke to a cold sloppy wintery mess. So last minute change of plans; I had to set things up in the parking lot.)

Had high hopes- it sure looked good on paper until we were actually doing the work.

Split into three groups. Each group goes to corresponding station. Station 1 keeps count and sets the pace; Stations 2 & 3 exercise until relieved.

Station 1- I dubbed them “Digiorno’s”

Pick up Coupon-squat, press and behind the head triceps extension- all with said coupon X 20 before lunging to Station 2.

These are the most awesomest of all total body exercises…. Aaaarrrggghhhh!

Station 2- round 1 Copper Head Squats

round 2 Apollo Onos

round 3 Bobby Hurleys

Reverse Bearcrawl to next station

Station 3- round 1 Merkins

round 2 Herpees (aka no jump burpees)

round 3 Plank Jacks

Bearcrawl to next station

After the first round reality set in and as much as I wanted to look like the After Pic- I thought it was in our best interest to only do 10 Digiorno’s at Station 1.

As time was dwindling- we grabbed the Coupons for a Run back to see Mary for a quick date.

20ea in Cadence LBC’s, Flutter Kicks & American Hammers


Circled up, counted off, no FNG’s (must have been the weather), Diablo was the 6; I always wondered how he got his bad ass name- now I know. Being a lawyer and lobbyist- CI immediately thought of Satan; luckily that quickly morphed into a more Family Friendy “Diablo”!

We shared intentions

Shared all the exciting things coming up

We truly make one another better and have great strength in our numbers and the bonds that we have, and continue to build. Let’s keep making one another better. Let’s make a difference.

(This is a first time backblast; please be easy on me. SYITG!)

4 thoughts on “3/12/18 Backblast from the Cold n Sloppy Posh

  1. I will gladly take the name on that exercise…I did steal it. Triple Crush Squats! They are dangerous as you know. Mubblechatter stops.
    Strong Q, sad I missed it.


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