5/12 #theruiner #delayed BB

Q: Nickleback and Jordy

PAX: Tron, Fergie, Face, FNG (Footlose), Seabass, Flojo, Nickleback, Cutless, Methane, Pablo, Snowman, CI, Catfish, Red Roof, Jordy, Nugget.

In the words of a former coach of mine, “excuses are the nails in the house of failure;”  I’m not sure if I have a bunch of rusted nails or a big ass house, but my nails are triple time for mothers day weekend, workload, and ADD.  Either way, the end result is still a much delayed backblast from Saturdays beat down.

Already covered in sweat, yet (what I assume to be) surprisingly refreshed, nearly half the PAX posted post-ruck for a second beat down and a beat down it was.

Mosey to the coupon field for

25 poorly counted SSH

20 grass grabbers

20 goofballs (these are becoming my trademark)

The pax were directed to grab a partner, a coupon, a fresh set of legs, and an open mind before mosseying to the halfpipe with the coupons.

100 coupon curls

200 coupon raises

300 coupon swings

Partner 1 started the exercise while partner 2 ran up the halfpipe (with 5 burpees at the top) and back before switching with partner 1.  I believe some call this a DORA (confirmation anyone?). Some modified (smart move, I’m still sore), some grunted, some yelled, but everyone succeed and defeated part 1 of the Ruiner. I handed off the Q to Jordy.

With a last minute tweak in the henkie, we split into groups of 4 pax with 2 coupons. Each group: rotated coupon squats while the other 3 PAX either held the other coupon above their head or held plank while joyfully cheering on the squater (sans pom poms however). This was repeated until 500 squats were completed.

Mossey back to the coupon field for 2 other exercises I cant remember (this is why you don’t delay writing the BB).

Closed out with Jordys version of Jack(ed) Webb. 1:1 ratio coupon merkins and coupon raises.

We mossied the long way around the tennis courts back to the flag for COT, NOR and closed with a prayer thanking Sky-Q for the beautiful weekend and the ability to wake up and workout with like minded men each week

Welcome Footlose from Cincinnati (West Chester launch soon?).






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