The Hurt -1/26 – BB – Pepperoni 🍕

Where’d everyone go?  Wasn’t sure what attendance would be the night after the banquet, but 5 showed up to get a little better on this lovely Sat AM.  As I’m signed up for the Papa Johns 10 Miler, but don’t yet feel like going out and just running, I figured I’ll make others run with me for now.


PAX 5: Miyagi, Glen Ross, Duece, Wham-O, Pepperoni (Q)

Thang 1: Mosey around HT to parking lot for some stretching and warmup

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Downward Dog, Plank holds, Runners stretch, Hillbillies

Thang 2: Merryhill 4 Corner Mosey

Lined up and jogged around Merryhill, stopping at each corner to to Merkins, Copperhead squats, Mountain climbers, LBCs, and Merkins on our way back out.  Back to HT parking lot.

Thang 3: Core

Partner up.

Ace & Gary’s (25X3)

Leg Throws (20 X 2)

American Hammer


Thang 4: Run-Coupon Circuit

Partner up again. Partner 1 would take a stroll around HT path and relieve their partner

Round 1: Chest

Merkins 20 – Coupon Press 20

Round 2: Legs

Step ups 20 – Coupon squats 20

Round 3: Bi/Shoulders

Coupon Curls – Coupon Press

Round 4: Back

Coupon Rows – Coupon Throws

Say hi the lady CHRP-ers as we head over the flag, nameorama, announcements, give thanks to the Sky Q and get on with our Saturday.


Fun stuff, let’s do it again. 🍕

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