⭐️👶 Solo Ruck BB

I’m not sure a solo ruck constitutes a backblast, but I need to make everyone aware of a serious issue. Please take 5 minutes of your day to read.

Q: ⭐️👶

Pax: ⭐️👶

I decided to ruck since I’m having major lower back issues. It’s so bad that I can barely wipe my ass. I fall when I sneeze. I cry when I tie my shoes. But somehow I can ruck a couple miles without much pain since I don’t bend over. I didn’t want to bother anyone and knew a good 4 mile loop so I went solo this morning. It was lonely, but that wasn’t the worst part…

I grabbed my headphones on the way out the door and saw that WILL FERRELL has a new podcast as RON BURGANDY!!! I was genuinely excited! Well, it started out slow, and I’m not referring to the ruck. The podcast is so bad I nearly RAN home to end the pain before it permanently ruined Anchorman for me.

Moral: Friends don’t let friends listen to the Ron Burgandy podcast.

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