5/13/19: BB – BO @ the O

As mentioned in the preblast, my 13th Q fell on the 13th day of May. While I’ve never been afraid of the number 13, I’ve certainly always avoided it. So I figured today would be a good day to embrace it.

Weather: 50 deg, humid but no rain and pretty dry from Sunday’s rain.

Pax: PED, Fall Guy (R*2), Pork Chop, Back Draft, Glen Ross, Fergie (Q)

Admittedly, as I stood alone at 5:26, I became increasingly aware that my luck may have run out, and this was going to be a solo effort. However, 5 Pax came in right on time. No FNGs, so disclaimer was given and we set off at 5:30.

I’m not the most creative person in the world, but I was committed to a theme of 13. The morning was loosely divided into 3 – 13 minute thangs.

First thang – A 1.3 mile trot through the Cherokee Gardens neighborhood. We made several stops along the way to get loosened up with 13 SSHs, 13 Abe Vigodas, 13 Imperial Walkers and 13 grass grabbers. Our destination was the bottom of our next thang, Cogan’s Hill.

Second thang – We used both sides of Briar Hill road, which boasts 2 very nice hills for running. At the bottom (between the two hills), there were 3 BOYOs. At the top of each hill was 5 merkins. We mixed in a little Bernie Sanders up the hill to mix it up. We hit 13 minutes and headed for the tennis courts for the last thang.

Last thang – I commented to the Pax that, with all the Mother’s day activities of cooking and cleaning, I had not had time to think through the last 13 minutes (until around  5:15). But, altogether I think it worked out. We replaced the traditional 11s and 21s with, of course, 13s. Using the tennis court sideline to sideline (originally we used 2 courts, however it was determined 1 court would be sufficient), we started with 1 donkey kick, a bear crawl to the other sideline, 12 piston twists and a crawl bear back to the start. The next iteration was 2/11, 3/10…and so on. We worked that routine for the next 13 minutes.

With 5 minutes to close, we went around the 5 for a round of mary (13 reps of course).

We circled up for CoR, NoR, announcements (which consisted of Pork Chop’s promise of something nasty tomorrow for his anniversary Q at the Mutt), and intentions.  Then it was off to start a new day and a new week.


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