6.26.19 Blender BB: Suicide Mile

PAX: CowBell, OldBay, Pope, Escort, PED, SumpPump, ReRe, Fridge, Trump, GlenRoss, McAfee(in an extremely low and gravelly voice), Grinder, Wham!, BigPoppy, Gilligan, Cornbread(R), BigBird, Vincent(R), HipHuggers(FNG) & Zartan(Q)

Conditions: Sticky

Gear: Altra Kicks, Short shorts, T and tac hat

We celebrated my 2.0s birthday yesterday and I again ate too much and stayed up too late with him getting him caught up on Stranger Things. I was coming in hot today and made my disclaimer and announcement as I walked towards the fairly large crowd of PAX.

Moseyed to street in front of school so I could drop off the 3rd corner instructions for my Thang and then moseyed back to the corner of the school behind the main parking lot.



15 Slow Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newman’s

Arm/shoulder Stretch (Formerly known as Digiorno stretch)

Plank/Downward Dog Cobra movements

Suicide Mile.

HT has roughly a quarter mile loop around the building. So I placed instructions at each corner. We started at Corner 4(C4) and ran to C1 and completed 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 Squats and 20 LBCs and ran back to C4. Them ran to C2 and did 10 Burpees, 20 Merkins, 30 Squats and 40 LBCs. Ran back to C4. Then ran to C3 for 15 Burpees, 30 Merkins, 45 Squats and 60 LBCs and ran back to C4. Them we made one full loop starting and ending at C4 and completing 20 Burpees, 40 Merkins, 60 Squats and 80 LBCs and then made a full loop back for the finish.

Headed down to prayer/coupon garden for 5 minutes of princess tabata.

60 seconds on and then 7 sec break of:


Big Boys


American Hammers

Flutter Kicks.

And that was all the time we had.

Back to flag for COR, NOR and COT. We welcomed FNG HipHuggers and I think Cornbread May have been disappointed in GRs knowledge of Northern Indiana Entertainment facilities.

Reminded PAX that F3 is about peer lead WOs in a rotating fashion. With the 21 in attendance, I asked that everyone step up and sign up for a Mutt Q in July. TClaps to BigBird and Cornbread for answering the call and signing up on the spot. Cornbread lead us out in prayer and off we went.


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