PB for TheBridge: The Parklands ✌️ Year Anniversary WO for 7/10/19 Co-Qs Glauc & Methane

Tomorrow we will celebrate 2 years of AO greatness at The Posh!

2 years ago, StarChild set off to find an east end AO that would continue to grow and expand the principles of F3 Louisville. He new the F3 need was great and that there were many sad clowns that were in desperate demand for his magical weinke. On July 12th, 2017, he planted his shovel flag in the plush green grass of the Parklands and proclaimed “Ok, the first exercise is called sevens, you start on this side with 6 burpees then run across the bridge and do 6 burpees, wait, I mean you start with 1 burpee here then you run to the other side and do 1 squat, I mean 6 squats. aaaaaaaand go!” And just like that the greatest AO was birthed from ⭐️👶’s weinke. Well it has been 2 years since that unforgettable day. To be exact: 728 days or 17,472 hours or 1,048,320 minutes since that day. Come on out to join Glauc & Meth and see how many SSHs we will be doing in ⭐️👶’s honor!

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