8/21/19 #TheBridge Backblast #WhamQ

Wham Playlist

QIC: Wham!

17 PAX (1 FNG): Dynomite!; Buzz Saw; Nugget; Nomo; Lady Bird (R); Nice n Slow; Bob Ross; Uncle Rico; Fructose; Deep Dish; Sand Trap (R); Ripple (FNG); Ice Man; Woooo; Mr Kotter; Jitterbug; Wham!

Time: 0530

Weather: Humidish

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Piggly Wiggly Tank Top (side note: I ordered a new Wham! shirt for this Q but alas, Amazon let me down and didn’t deliver it until today); Navy Blue (not UK blue) Reebok shorts; F3 hat; Salomon Speedcross 3’s; Head Lamp; Off! Deep Woods Bug Spray

Other Accoutrements:  6 Cones; 4 Glow Sticks; Red Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Speaker; iPhone with Wham! tunes; F3 Club Paradise Shovel Flag courtesy of Zartan; and a partridge in a pear tree (Home Alone reference)

Pre-WO:  As mentioned in my Pre-Blast (raise your hand if you actually read it?), today was essentially my second anniversary of Q’ing my first WO and also the one year “anniversary” of the last time I Q’ed at the Poshlands.  Thinking about this after today’s WO led me to the following thoughts:  (1) I absolutely should not wait so long to Q outside of my “home base” for F3 (St. Matthews) because it’s a lot of fun to travel around to the other AOs; and (2) This group has given me a ton of confidence that I had no idea I was missing…I mean the fact that I was comfortable with playing Wham!’s greatest hits during a pre-dawn workout in a public park with guys I don’t know very well says it all in my opinion.

Circle of Pain
Introduction and disclaimer given and away we went for a “mobile” COP en route from the shovel flags to the fancy lit-up water fountain thing the Poshlands claims as its own (am I remembering correctly that this fountain is called the Northern Lights or am I dreaming?).  This is what we did:
– Mosey
– 20 Side Straddle Hops IC
– Mosey
– 15 Grass Grabbers IC
– Mosey
– 10 Burpees OYO (this is when I started the Wham! tunes on my Bluetooth speaker…and all was then good in the world)
– Mosey
– Line up around the water fountain (Northern Lights) for 15 Imperial Squat Walkers
– Bear Crawl and then Crawl Bear around the water fountain on my call
– Crab Walk and then Walk Crab around the water fountain on my call

Thang 1
After COP, we headed back from the water fountain (Northern Lights?) to the egg lawn on a nicely paced mosey during which time Uncle Rico and I discussed the merits of Wham! versus George Michael’s songs.   There are no losers in this debate.

Once we reached the egg lawn, the Pax saw 4 strategically placed green glow sticks next to cones that formed a square (sort of).  Thang 1 would be something called P-M-S (shout out to O.J. for introducing it to me) which involved doing an ascending number of Plank Jacks, Merkins and Squats at each cone/glow stick and then reversing course and decreasing the number of reps as you went back around the square.  Specifically, the Pax did 10 of each exercise at the first cone, 20 of each at the second cone, 30 of each at the third cone and 40 of each at the fourth and final cone.  After a 10 count, the Pax then reversed back to each cone and did the same number of reps at each cone (30 of each at the first cone, 20 of each at the second cone, and 10 of each at the third and final cone).

P.S. I love this routine because it’s simple, high intensity, and challenging.

Thang 2
With approximately 15 minutes remaining, we headed to the coupon storage area behind the very un-Poshlandish shed surrounded by high weeds (Coupon Jungle?) so that each Pax could grab a coupon and partner up.

P1 – AMRAP Big Boy Sit Ups

P2 – Farmer carry both coupons (his and his partner’s) to the mid-way point of the parking lot and then drop one coupon and run/walk with the second coupon to the end of the parking lot and do 5 man makers with the coupon.  After this, P2 ran back with his coupon and picked up the coupon he left behind on his way to the man makers so that both coupons could be returned to his partner.  Then rinse and repeat with the Pax having the option to switch the Big Boys to Flutter Kicks before YHC called time at 6:13 am so that coupons could be returned before we headed back to the shovel flags.

Circle of Trust
Circled up at the shovel flags for count-a-rama, name-a-rama, naming of the FNG (welcome Ripple), announcements, intentions (out loud and in our hearts) and closing thoughts.  As mentioned above, today was basically the second anniversary of my VQ with F3 Louisville.  Since then, I have Q’d 33 other times and continue to be amazed at how F3 Louisville has impacted my life in a positive manner.  I (YHC) concluded by thanking the Sky Q for the ability to do what we did this morning and asking for strength in our efforts to not be judgmental of others because we have no idea what that person may be going through in his or her own life.

Thanks gents.  Until next time…

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