F3 Louisville – New Leadership – 12/1/19

We cannot thank Red Roof and Captain Insane-o enough for the leadership they’ve provided to F3 Louisville. While others have been instrumental in building what we have – I’d name names but would certainly inadvertently omit someone I shouldn’t – these HIMs laid out foundation. I’m humbled to be a part of our new Leadership Council and am excited to set forth what I, Catfish, Nino, and Kilo have in mind. More information will follow from Kilo, but here’s what we conspire to do.

Shared Leadership – A Conspiracy to Influence Movement to Advantage

We often think of a “conspiracy” to be an agreement to commit a crime, or a plan to achieve mischief. But, a conspiracy is really just an agreement between two or more people to act in harmony toward a common end. Conspirators work together because a crew working together is far more likely to possess the range of skills necessary to carry out a plan. By pooling their efforts, they greatly increase their likelihood of success because each man can focus on the proper performance of his particular role rather than trying to do everything at once. Men who combine in furtherance of positive outcomes are far more likely to achieve their common objective than they would be if they acted alone, because the sum of their individual efforts is greatly exceeded by the product of their concerted action.

Shared Leadership is a specific type of conspiracy to achieve an advantage. It is more than just an agreement between coconspirators to collectively pursue a superior circumstance, but also to move other people—people outside of the conspiracy—through Effective Leadership that is guided and restrained by the habits and ethics of moral excellence. In other words, Shared Leadership is a conspiracy to influence the PAX, and to provide the leadership necessary to prosper.

Kilo, Nino, Diablo, and Catfish – Your Conspirators

We intend to share leadership to push the PAX of F3 Louisville forward. Neither of us can do it alone, and we cannot do it without YOU who are reading this. As Nino said when we were discussing the conspiracy to make us all better, we envision Shared Leadership where the PAX cannot see where the 1st F ends and the 3rd F begins. Our workouts will lead to fellowship, and our fellowship with lead to strengthening our faith and our community work. We intend to pool our talents and resources to lead in an open and transparent manner, and one that gathers and pools the talents and resources of the PAX. You will revive updates on what we discuss and what needs to be done. Many of you will be asked to help us carry out this grand conspiracy. Our hope is that after a year or so, a new group of leaders will be ready to take what has been built, and make it even better.

Within this Shared Leadership, we continue to believe it important for the PAX to know who is trying to do what. Or, if nothing else, to whom you can reach out to for what. Therefore, while we will share leadership responsibilities and blur all of these lines, we will focus our efforts as follows:

1st F Q – NINO

Nino will ensure the smooth running of the AOs and ensure that Site Qs are doing their jobs and may hold regular meetings to do so. Nino and McAfee have absolutely knocked this role out over the last year, taking over for me and taking the PAX in all the right directions. McAfee is welcoming his first 2.0 in a couple of months and, being the HIM he is, he is going to put his focus in the right spot.

2nd F Q – DIABLO

HDHH, family picnics, Christmas Parties, Coffeeteria, wings & football, etc. – really anything to get PAX motivated and excited about Fellowshipping together – and that fellowship can and will include CSAUP activities as well.


He can plant anything from a weekly Bible Study, to an open discussion group, to a regular community service opportunity for Pax – anything to push the essence of F3 Louisville, which is Male COMMUNITY Leadership. Faith can mean many things, but, at minimum, we all should live for and serve something bigger than ourselves.

Nan’tan – KILO

The word is adopted from the Apache word for “Chief.” It’s ambiguous, but I call this HIM our cheerleader, our spiritual guidance, and our glue. (Kilo is, as you know, quiet, but expect a follow up communication from him soon!)


We are excited to push this conspiracy forward. And, I can absolutely ensure you that YOU will be a significant part of it. You continue to be Freed to Lead.



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