BB – 1/2/2020 – Sump Pump – The Extender at The Mutt

It was 5:22 when I rolled/pulled into the parking lot at the Mutt. I saw a few familiar faces, which was good for that time of the morning. Mutters usually start to roll in around 5:26. At 5:28 on this second day of 2020, we had a whopping 10 PAX jawing like wolves out for a fresh piece of meat. And then, per usual it was 5:30 and we had 20, no wait – 21. Scratch that. 22 at the Mutt for nothing fancy. Just a good ole modify as needed version of getting better together.

Cloudy and 44 with a slight south breeze pulling in the rain that we would avoid on this perfect January morning.

PAX: Backdraft, Geppetto, Meatball, Glen Ross, Fridge, Tiger, Larry Flint, Windshield, Worm, PED, Pepperoni, Wham-O (R), Digorno, Snowman, Old Bay, No Show, Clark (DR), Grinder, Buschhhhh, Plumb Bob, Handbook, Sump Pump (QIC)

I gave the standard disclaimer and asked that if anyone got hurt to go see a doctor. I am not a professional.

We moseyed around the parking lot for some COP:

  • Grass Grabbers
  • SSH
  • Little/Big arm circles – forward and back
  • Michael Phelps
  • Runners stretch
  • Mosey to the coupon garden

Thang 1:

Pick your coupon wisely. It will be your partner today.

We then ran 1/4 mile with the coupon from the garden to the corner of Cherrywood and Leland.

Thang 2:

11’s that included man makers at the top and bigboi sit ups at the bottom. We moseyed from Leland to Ormond in between. Woof

Thang 3:

We then moseyed over to the front of the portico and partnered up for a wheelbarrel race. The winner was rewarded with 10 extra merkins for jumping the gun.

We quickly returned the coupons and circled up for a quick 1 count merkin waterfall to make sure we used the full 45 minutes.


Buschhhhh was the six and passed the torch to Clark (DR from Cleveland) to tell us how he got his F3 Name. Let’s just say that the PAX were not very creative when they named him. We gave intentions both silent and aloud and asked that this be the easiest/hardest thing we would do today.

I am humbled to have led this group of 22. 2020 is going to be a year of great things for F3 Louisville!


Sump Pump

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