Temple of Gloom Backblast – Paving Pebbles

Pax: FloJo redroof OJ wham Busch Lionel starchild deuce TFB tron Vincent oldbay Fergie porkchop CI


Absent: Zoo, many others

Excused: McAfee, the Braggers (or is it Braggarts? you know the guys who did the Bragg Heavy. Much respect)

Conditions: 34*, cloudy. Honestly didn’t feel cold. Warmed my heart that Star Child saved me a parking spot.

Gearlander: pink headband, black long sleeve UA Rush shirt (pretty comfy and nice), black UA shorts, Newbie trail runners. Two 60# sandbags. Val and New Val.

I really thought we were going to do something new. I even wrote it in the Preblast. I’ll note what i thought was new below, but based on direct feedback from Busch (during the workout) and Tron (after), I whiffed.

Hopefully it was at least challenging, if not new. Hell, I dragged Lionel there and all he got was some repackaged stale stuff. My bad.

Here’s what we did:

Two line sandbag Native American run past the horse corral to the school parking lot.


SHHs, grassgrabbers, hillbillies, copperhead jump squats

We then reformed our groups and one group sprinted, Mario’d, karaoked, bearcrawled and sprinted again while the other group alternated between AMRAP Merkins and squats.

We NAR’d back to the far tennis courts for the new (not new) thing.

We subdivided our two groups with one small group from either team on each far end of the tennis court enclosure. Sandbags were held opposite to the other team. We then relay ran (hence the shuttle in the PB) the sandbag from small group to small group with waiting pax doing amraps of Merkins and squats and something else.

The goal was for one team to catch the other to stop the exercise. That took a while but eventually my team won the game by allowing the other team to catch us.

Because we all won, I gave everyone the prize of a Steinl.

Then we got back into groups for loaded carries with the sandbags. AMRAP Merkins while waiting for the farmer.

Finally some Mary to end.

COR, NOR and COT. I took us out by encouraging everyone to realize how quickly things can change and therefore to be there for our loved ones.

It was a fun morning. Even if, as Red Roof and OJ noted, they could have gotten a better workout on CNET.

CI out

PS: Zoo was going to come. But he didn’t.

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