06.16.20 The Cliffs at 🍀The Garden🍀 BackBlast

EC: 1 mile run

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Calf & Runner stretches, mosey to the bottom of The Baptizer

Bottom of The Baptizer Thang: 5 Man Makers, 10 Single Arm Rows, 15 Coupon Swings, 20 Coupon Squats, 25 Coupon Curls

Top of The Baptizer Thang: 5 Shoulders & Toes, 10 Flutter Kicks, 15 Curb Dips, 20 Big Boy Sit Ups, 25 Plank Jacks

Starting at the bottom, do 5 Man Makers, run to the top, do 5 Shoulders & Toes, run to the bottom.

Repeat the 5’s and add the 10’s. Repeat 5/10 and add the 15’s. Repeat 5/10/15 and add the 20’s. Repeat 5/10/15/20 and add the 25’s. Repeat 5/10/15/20. Repeat 5/10/15. Repeat 5/10. Repeat 5.

Mary: Infinity Pickle Pounders and a brief Plank Hold.

COT: Welcome 1 FNG, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer

EC: 1 mile run


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