Pre-Blast – BlackOps at Chapel Lake Park with Jolly Rancher – 08/04/2020

I get it:  the name of our region is F3 Louisville…not F3 Southern Indiana.

But, as much as we like to poke fun at our neighbors to the north [or, maybe that’s just me?], they are part of Louisville just as much as I am because I don’t even live in Jefferson County.  So, call me an outsider just like our Hoosier PAX.

On that point, let’s not forget about our faithful PAX of Plumb Bob and Grinder – each which have stepped up in big ways for F3 Louisville in various leadership capacities to grow.  These guys have logged 392 and 274 posts, respectively, according to the weaselshaker – incredible!  These PAX aren’t your John Calipari “one-and-done” kind of guys…these are HIMs among us.  Think about it – that’s a lot of trips over the bridge into the Sunshine State over the past few years to do CSAUP things on our sacred Kentucky grounds.

It’s time that we scratch their back a little to help expand F3 Louisville into Southern Indiana – not just to make their life a little bit easier, but, because sad clowns are everywhere…especially in Indiana [sorry, one last jab for Hoosiers].

So, grab your coupon and your gloves and meet me at Chapel Lake Park at 5:30am.  Address is 5801 New Chapel Road, Jeffersonville, IN.  We’ll be doing a little bit of running and pushing each other to get better.

SYITG – Jolly Rancher out!

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