The Baptizer at ☘️The Garden☘️ 8.28.20 PreBlast

If you stay away from The Garden because you don’t like (cough cough are afraid of) running up/down the hills then tomorrow is your day. We’re going to do something we seldom do…we’re NOT going to run up/down the hills, yes that’s correct NO running up/down the hills. I’m also going to deviate from my usual approach to Qing tomorrow as the WO will also NOT be “You vs You”…instead the goal is going to be to keep the group(s) together. Lastly, I’m putting an emphasis on quality tomorrow so we will also NOT be doing a ridiculous number (which I guess is subjective, but still) of reps of ANY exercise. 

In summary:


  • Running up/down the hills
  • You vs You
  • Ridiculous number of reps of any exercise


  • Bring a coupon 
  • Group(s) will stay together
  • You will get better 
  • You will earn your Friday afternoon drink 


~ Nino

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