BB- Meter Maid VQ at Boondocks- 9/1/20

Boondocks is one of the site I had yet to Q at so I got on the calendar a month ago. At the end of July, I went with the family to a drive in County Concert sponsored by Q103.1 featuring Jimmie Allen. It was at the Sauerback Family Drive In located in Oldham County. It is owned one of our PAX, Fear Factor. With COVID, a drive in movie is a great way to send a night with the family. Be sure to check them out.

I should have allowed more time to setup considering the foggy conditions. I felt like I was in a Scooby Do episode with all the fog. I placed the lights and cones down for the elevens that would come later in the workout.

I literally completed my prep right before I went into disclaimer. I noted that I was not a trained professional, modify as necessary and maintain your distance.

11 PAX: Focker, GQ, LePew, Bulletin (R), Mama’s Boy, Honey Do, Backflop, Holy Roller (R), Cochran, Dauber, Meter Maid (Q)

When I designed this workout, I wanted to have some County tunes that would play during the tabata and elevens. Below was my play list of eleven songs.

Note: American Soldier was not part of the playlist. It will be part of my 9/11 Pleasantville Q (shameless plug).

Here’s a few notes on the songs. I had to start with Boondocks given we were at this AO. Dauber thought it was a long song for country (over 3 minutes). Airplane had mentioned over a text string there would be a song about a dog. Had he showed up and not done IronPax, Airplane would have liked the lyric “You name the babies, I’ll name the dogs.”

The fourth song – “You Find Out Who Your Friends Are” was very fitting song for F3. Everyone has each other’s back especially when times get tough. As a few examples from my perspective, I had several PAX reach out when our A/C went out temporarily a few weeks ago. A week ago my van broke down at the Abyss and Backflop drove me home.

The sixth song “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems” was one that reminded me of my Q last Saturday. Check out the Nest backblast around Nutty Professor’s shirtless donut adventures. Also, it reminds me that regardless of the workout that Folker and GQ will lose their shirts five minutes into any workout and today was no exception. I did find it funny that they felt they needed to shirt up before we did NOR at the end. Those that weren’t there missed Folker singing along and making a reference that he needed to lose his shoes.

For COP, we did SSH IC (Pelican wasn’t there to hate them), downward dog and stuff, Toy Soldiers IC and Michael Phelps OYO. I ran to get my wireless speaker and we began the tabata.

The first thang was starting with a heavy and ending with some cardio like Backflop had done in some of his recent Qs. I can’t remember which one because he does so many they run together.

There were five exercises with coupon. It would eight rounds of each for 20 seconds in and 10 seconds off. Between each exercise there was a 30 second recovery. The exercises were overhead presses, curls, calf raise, bent over rows and bench press. The bench press was originally going to be Derkins but after the 50 hand release release merkins during IronPax, I changed my original weinke.

Then, we moseyed down toward my lit cones for elevens with suicides and big boys sit up. The inspiration for this came from Pelican’s basketball Q. I haven’t heard much about the trophies recently so maybe Pelican is running low on them. I split us up into two groups to help maintain our distance.

We didn’t quite make it to the end as I wanted to leave some time for Mary for what was to be 103 total reps closer to complete my Q103.1 themed workout.

We came close but didn’t quite make it. We did 15 Low Dollys IC, 15 High Dollys IC, 20 Gas Pumps IC, 20 Flutter Kicks IC and 16 Monkey Humpers IC as time expired. If had a few more minutes we would have done some Pickle Pounders and Manmakers (a Holy Roller Mary Favorite).

At COR and as previously noted, Folker and GQ put their shirts back on. We did NOR. For announcements, Mama’s Boy and Alexa are leading the September Ruck on 9/25. Knowing them, it will be low key and a fun time! The County is Qing all over the place. Make sure to check out the Derby Day Nest Co-Q with Dauber and Pelican. It could be awesome or it could be train wreck!

LePew announced that they were considering black ops expansion on Fridays at the Boondocks. You could sense some tension as Holy Roller is the PV site Q on Fridays. LePew blamed Cochran his co-site Q for not talking to Holy Roller in advance. It was all in good fun.

LePew made an intention for a friend who went in for cataracts and found out they had brain cancer. Prayers for them and their family. We closed with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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