IPC ‘20 Week 1: Inspector’s Gadget at 🍀The Garden🍀 9.1.20 BackBlast

In your PreBlast you often put out recommendations for the WO, which 98% of the time go completely unknown because who reads PreBlasts?!? In the PreBlast I sent for Week 1 of the IronPAXChallenge I strongly encouraged anyone planning to attend to arrive by 0520 to stretch/loosen up before I walked through the WO in detail because we would start right at 0530 due to the unknown of how long it’d take everyone to finish. I was shocked to see all but one PAX member (Catfish) out & over to the designated area for the WO well ahead of time. 

I knew we had a good crowed, but wasn’t aware until CoT it was the second straight WO at The Garden of 25. Here are the brave souls who embraced the suck this morning:


  1. Catfish
  2. Subprime 
  3. Wide Right 
  4. Milton 
  5. Little Jerry (R)  
  6. Diane Dukes
  7. Jewel
  8. Worm
  9. Husky (R)
  10. Mr. Clean
  11. Domino 
  12. Frosted Tips
  13. Dirte (FNG)
  14. Latex
  15. Bull Rider
  16. Jimmy Neutron 
  17. Double Down (R)
  18. Fructose
  19. Uncle Rico
  20. Nice & Slow
  21. Minnow
  22. Mr. Roper
  23. Natty Lite
  24. Huggies
  25. Nino (QIC)

The Thang

Looking for results?!? Sorry, but you’re going to have to wait until the end of the week for those to be released. I will share the average time of the 25 PAX who did the WO this morning was 34:27


  • CoR 
  • NoR
    • welcome Dirte!
  • Announcements
    •  Although he had to leave before CoT shout out to Huggies because this was officially his 500th post! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Intentions 

Nino out.

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