IPC ‘20 Week 1 RESULTS from 🍀The Garden🍀 9.1.20

Wondering why I sent out the BackBlast on Tuesday without the results? Here’s insight why…in 2019 the Region had two PAX members finish Top 10 Nationally for the IPC: McAfee at #6 & Catfish at #7. They may never openly admit the rivalry between them for fittest PAX in the Region, but I will admit it for them & it really started last year. The initial IPC was in 2018 & there was only like eight of us (Catfish & McAfee were among the 8) who completed all four WOs, which we did together each Tuesday at The Posh. Catfish & McAfee pushed one another rep for rep, stride for stride each week & would submit their score/time following the WO. Fast forward to 2019 & there’s more interest in the Region for the 2nd round of the IPC. McAfee & I decide to Q each weekly WO on separate days at separate AOs (I Qd the WO on Tuesday at The Posh & McAfee QD the WO on Friday at The O). Seemed like a great plan, two set days to take on the WO to accommodate the schedules of participating PAX…until I posted the times of my group on Tuesday following the WO. In case you’re saying, “So what, why does that matter.” IT MATTERS because it’s a competitive advantage (especially for PAX members trying to finish atop of the leaderboard for the Nation). Think about overtime in college football, you want to play defense first so your offense knows what they need to do (kick a FG or score a TD). Well, this is no different, last year for the Week 1 WO I put up a time of 23:53 on Tuesday & as I said, posted this time (along with everyone else in attendance). One of my best friends, Kilo, said he had to beat me & when he did the Week 1 WO on Friday he put up a time of 23:52. I love Catfish & I love McAfee which is why for the respect of their friendly rivalry I can’t & won’t give either of them any kind of competitive advantage. There you go…the reason I don’t present the results of the WO until later in the week. 

No bull$*#! this time, here are the results from the 2020 IPC Week 1: Inspector’s Gadget for 25 PAX who completed the WO at The Garden on Tuesday 9.1.20. 

Nino out.

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