Backblast 9.19.20 – The Nest @ The County w/ Jewel

Man, the boys came out on Saturday. 28 Bobs strong. What an awesome morning, albeit, a little chilly. The mumblechatter was strong at the start as the PAX waited for0700.

I told myself I wanted to bring the heat for this workout… a little Garden flare if you will. Then this happened…
Worm: “Is this workout ruck friendly”
Me: “Sure”
Worm proceeds to dominate the day with 30# rucksack.
Welp, there goes that

Weather: 47deg F/ no clouds B-E-A-Utiful

Bulletin (R)
Nice and Slow
Spud (2.0)
Big Bird – props to this dude. Love seeing him in the Gloom. Can’t wait until he’s fully recovered.
Diane Dukes
Seal Pup (2.0)
Tiny Tim (2.0)
Jerry Maguire (R)
Double Down (R)
Primetime (2.0)
Captain Crunchberry
Jolly Rancher
Meter Maid
Back Flop
Jewel – QIC

Like I said, it was cold, and I only had on shorts and a t-shirt, so I wanted to get us moving, and in a hurry.

COP – this was a moseying COP, complete with a 2/4/6/8/10 Kraken Burpee 1/2 mile. We used the outer circle of The County.
50 SSH x 2 Kraken Burpees
Toy Soldiers (15) & Copperhead Squats (15) x 4 Kraken Burpees in the front parking lot
Grass Grabbers (10) & Abe Vigodas (10) x 6 Kraken Burpees in the side lot
A couple other exercises & 8 Kraken Burpees
Return to the main lot to complete the circle – 10 Kraken Burpees (that’s a total of 55 Kraken Burpees complete with 90 hand release merkins) pretty solid start if you ask me, which I’m sure you wouldn’t.

Now for the Thang
Coupon work
Curls x 50
Bent Over Rows x 35
Overhead Press x 20
Skull Crushers x 20
Coupon Swings x 10
CI Press and Hold x 1 (10 front straight arm press x 10 second hold)
400m loop

3 rounds – Did I mention Worm wore his ruck the whole time? And Focker was using a 60# rock bag? Manimals I tell you…

Thang 2 – Coupons were to be used on all except the BBS
Squats x 20
BBS x 35
American Hammers x 25
Flutter Kicks x 35 4 count
Wheezy Jeffersons x 20
400m Run

3 Rounds – for those still reading, Worm still rocking the ruck, and Focker still using the BIG weight.

Like I said in my preblast – The County is special. They have a great group of guys there, they support each other like crazy, and Dauber and Pelican are everyone’s favorite married couple. It was an honor to lead at the Nest. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this group. It’s incredibly humbling and even more motivating. Thanks to all who came out.

SYITG – Jewel

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