Q School at The Motivator at The Abyss: 10.5.2020: Harbaugh

It was a cool, crisp, slightly foggy morning at the Darkest AO in Louisville. Everyone was dressed appropriately and eager to hear the story of Billy Buttons. After the disclaimer, we moved to The Arena for COP.

PAX: Uncle Sam (R), Lucky Charms, F-Stop, Capt’n Crunchberry, Mr. Hat, Flip Flop, and Harbaugh (Q)

COP: SSH, Grassgrabbers, Hanmy Stretch, Plank (wasn’t over until all 5 Core Principles were listed), Cobra, Kendra Newman, Michael Phelps

Only Thang: Billy Buttons is the grandson of Billy Madison (had to go through school again) and Benjamin Buttons (aged backwards). So Billy Buttons had to go through school backwards.

12th grade- overhead press

11th grade- squats

10th grade- front raises

9th grade- ab twists

8th grade- shoulder shrugs

7th grade- thrusters

6th grade- skull crushers

5th grade- coupon LBCs

4th grade- side raises

3rd grade- calf raises

2nd grade- curls

1st grade- squats

K- oblique lifts

20 of each exercise… Climb down the ladder… Bernie Sanders around the playground after each round.

The mumble chatter today was strong. It was like watching Bobby Flay mixed with Body by Jake. Got some tips for smoking brisket and grills. So honored to lead this group of HIMs. If you haven’t been to The Abyss… you’re missing out. Full Body Beatdown, Cooking Tips, and Astronomy lesson all rolled into 45 minutes.

Go Bucks! -Harbaugh

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