BB – The Motivator @ The Abyss 10/26/20

I wasn’t necessarily intending to be the Ghost Q for today, but it all worked out that way. Harbaugh put something out on slack a month or so ago looking to fill Q spots and I signed up to Q today. Little did we know it would be ghost Q week and I was listed on the calendar to Q today. Thanks to my man Pelican, he fixed the calendar like a good comzQ would and concealed my identity. I was excited to bring my costume and Halloween appropriate playlist for today’s WO.

I showed up extra early so I could beat Mr. Hat and Uncle Sam to the Abyss and have time to get into costume (and setup my weinke). I pulled up around 5:10 to complete pitch black darkness. The type of darkness you can only find at the Abyss AO and/or mammoth cave when they turn the lights out while you’re on tour. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to take the fam to Mammoth Cave AND line up a visit to the Abyss soon.

I put on my old crusty college costume, which was a beer can. Yes, I said a beer can. It was made of some fabric that still smelled like the night I bagged it up for the last time 15 years ago (or that I thought to be the last time I’d wear it). I straightened out the wiring on the bottom and top to make it look more cylindrical so the pax could read it. It said “buzzed light” on it and I knew the HIMs would enjoy seeing me try to WO in this stupid thing. I threw it to the side after 25x overhead presses, which were almost impossible to do in that thing.

Focker was the first to show up much to my surprise. We chatted for a little while and then the other usual suspects arrived for the Abyss.

PAX were – Focker, Holy Roller (R), Flip Flop, Uncle Sam (R), Mr. Hat, Curious George, F Stop, Storm Trooper, GQ, Backflop (Q)

I set up the fully charged speaker and put on the playlist, which started with MJ’a Thriller. No better way to start a ghost Q than with that song IMO.

We did some COP – 20x SSH IC, 10 GG IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC, downward dog and quad stretches

The THANG – 4 corner mini ladder WO

I split the 10 PAX into 2 groups of 5 HIMs. Group #1 started at station #1 and Group #2 started at station #3. I did this to give each other some space to work. Once 1 full round of stations were completed, the PAX were instructed to run 2 laps around the playground and start over where they left off. We all completed 2 rounds (8 stations/mini-ladders).

Station #1 – 25x Merkins, 20x Big boy sit-ups, 15 American Hammers, 10 Plank Jacks, 5 BOYOS

Station #2 – 25x overhead press, 20x Halos, 15x skull crushers, 10x mountain climbers, 5 BOYOs

Station #3 – 25x bicep curls, 20x seesaws (Meter Maid special), 15x heart breakers (Pelican special), 10x Coupon swings, 5 BOYOS

Station #4 – 25x bent over rows, 20x gas pumps, 15x LBC’s, 10x lunges, 5x BOYOS

We finished up 2 rounds, then headed back to the center of the BB court to do some Mary, which consisted of 15x gas pumps, 20 flutter kicks, 20 SSH, and 20 LBC’s. We stretched with about 3-4 minutes left.

COR, NOR, COT – thanked everyone for coming to the Q. Told everyone to put the County Fair CSAUP event on the calendar for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Gave the PAX more details around this awesome upcoming event. And prayed us out.

This was a fun Q! Backflop

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