Ghost Q at The Tank – 10.28.20

Ghost Q week is awesome. Something fun about not knowing who is going to be the man that morning. Today seemed perfect, a little mist, dark and, well, GLOOMY. I’ve been looking forward to this for a few weeks since Meatball reached out to me. I was even more excited when a few of the Vets guys showed up to the Garden yesterday… this doesn’t include Worm, he’s trending to at least 60% Garden.

Nice and Slow
Cousin Eddie
Tony Malito
No Nuts
Jewel QIC

As I took stock of the brave PAX, I noticed that many of them had never met my often despised Kraken Burpees… but there really isn’t much that will get your heart rate going like a mosey, some COP, and a good mix of Krakens…so off we went, with our coupons in tow for added freight and misery… perfect for Ghost Q week.

1st stop: 20 SSH x 2 Kraken Burpees
2nd stop: 10 Toy Soldiers x 4 KB
3rd stop: 10 Grass Grabbers x 6 KB
4th stop: 10 of something I can’t remember x 8 KB
5th stop: 10 Kraken Burpees

The Thang
We ended our mosey in the Jeffersonian parking lot so we could spread out and cover some ground. I planned a ladder that we could stack the exercises, split up by running from one end of the parking lot and back.
The exercises:
50 lunges w/ coupon – single leg
40 Curls
30 Sumo Squats w/ coupon
20 Overhead Press
10 Manmakers

It looked like this…
50 lunges -> Run
50 Lunges/ 40 Curls -> Run
50 Lunges/ 40 Curls/ 30 Sumo Squats -> Run
50 Lunges/ 40 Curls/ 30 Sumo Squats/ 20 Overhead Press -> Run
50 Lunges/ 40 Curls/ 30 Sumo Squats/ 20 Overhead Press/ 10 Manmakers -> Run

For those still reading, and keeping count, that is:
30 Kraken Burpees (90 HR Merkins)
250 Lunges w/ coupon
160 Curls
90 Sumo Squats w/ coupon
40 Overhead Press
10 Manmakers
A few people made it past the 1st set of manmakers. All pushed hard and got better today. We ran somewhere around 2.5miles with the opening mosey. STRONG WORK by ALL.

Can’t thank all of the HIMs of F3 enough for the opportunity to lead. It is especially humbling when you’re asked to travel to a different AO that you don’t frequent and aren’t as well known. I can’t tell you what an honor and how humbled I am.

Stay healthy and safe.


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