BB- Temple of Gloom- 10/29/20 – Meter Maid Ghost Q

Today was my backup Ghost VQ. I was a late fill in. The conditions at the O were wet, wetter and wettest 55 degrees. Those PAX that showed up truly took the red pill this morning.

PAX: Harry Caray (a newer PAX member), Yoshi (who can make carrying 100+ pounds seem easy – one of the many beasts of GrowRuck 21), Handbook (I didn’t realize he grew up in Crestwood and prefers burpees to prisoner getups), Russdiculous (Who is the Batman and Robin of Handbook and him? Please discuss.), Violet (super strong runner, who led the Pax the last time I was at the O), Stick Up (he made me hungry talking about a recent Q that Ladybird left and went to Waffle House instead of working out, Stick Up was unable to go because he was Qing, Ladybird must have not had Emma his dog aka BegginStrips with him that day), Motor Boat (He recently crushed his VQ at the O), and Meter Maid (Q- he made sure everyone got wet, the only thing we didn’t do was go in the creek).

I opened at 530 stating that I was the ghost Q, I am not a professional, modify as necessary, everything is a suggestion, and maintain distance given COVID.

We circled up at the tennis courts for COP. We did 25 SSH IC, 15 Grass Grabbers OC, 15 Toy Soldiers (A County Classic), Michael Phelps and Kendra Newman’s OYO, Downward Dog and Stuff (Pelican Special with the Right, Right and Left, Left for Focker), Cobra and Quad Stretches. (Always fun to watch quad stretches to see who has balance.)

The main thang was a workout that Pelican had done at the Abyss and few other places (but I didn’t hand out trophies). It was elevens except on the tennis courts since it had decent lighting and allows us to spread out. We started with 10 merkins and 1 suicide from one tennis court to the second tennis court end line. Each there and back counted as one suicide so it was a lot of running. Wide Right, who I didn’t realize, was a strong tennis player via his meet the PAX would have enjoyed this one. In case you were wondering, Airplane didn’t show up at my Q.

PAX that finished continued working (plank, LBCs or ran with them to completion). The tennis courts pooled water so there were no dry feet after it.

To finish, I wanted to get off the tennis courts and run some more but incorporate core exercises or what some others believe to be core exercises (insert Holy Roller). As we traveled a few light posts, there was a small river on the right side of the Seneca Park loop. Someone said it is because everyone is always there packing down the ground and not aerating. I will leave my recent aeration story for another time. If LePew had been here, he would have done water angels. Next time you see him, ask him about them.

Some of the exercises we completed between stops included 50 Flutters (4-Count IC), 20 Gas Pumps IC (for 1st F Q Jolly – Iron Fist), Boxer Sit-ups OYO, 10 Burpees (for Holy Roller – everyone said thanks!), 10 Prisoner Get Ups, and Superman Swimmers OYO (had to make sure we were completely saturated).

We got back to the flag with two minutes to spare and did preacher sit-ups IC until time.

One pax member said the only thing we didn’t do was get in the creek. There’s always next time!

Then we did COR and NOR. For announcements, the Mutt and O are consolidating the Friday after Thanksgiving for 30 minute workout and then burpee football at the Mutt. For 3rd F, we are doing Dare to Care once each month. Check Slack or reach out to Jitterbug. Great way to involve the 2.0s and M. Mark your calendars for The County Fair on 11/28. It will raise money for Blessings in a Backpack.

Those who showed up today truly did take the red pill. I am always humbled to lead. We ended with an Our Father.

-Meter Maid

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