Pelican BB 11/12/20 Inferno @ the Station

I took way too long to write this backblast and don’t really remember what happened. Airplane wasn’t there for sure and Holy Roller was there on accident. We had 10 total PAX-Captain Crunchberry, Dauber, Jolly Rancher, Holy Roller (R), Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Big Bird, Mr Hat, Nutty Professor, Pelican (Q).

Big Bird ran there from his house which is about 8 miles away (or 1.8 miles). He came up with a light on looking like a bad ass. Dauber drove up not looking like a bad ass. So did the rest of the PAX but they looked normal..except Little Jerry or Double Down—one rode the other drove.

We did some stuff for COP and then got ready for the thang. It was partner 11s or interrupted 11s. One partner ran around the loop (7 miles or so) while the other did 11s. When they got back you switched…but you kept your own count and didn’t add to each other’s total. That was hard cause the PAX can’t keep track of one number while running. The exercises were—Plankjack Merkins/Something Else, Squat Jumps/Something Else and then Burpees/Something else. You really should write your backblasts same day or next day in the future Pelican. Partnering with Holy Roller for most things is cool, this was not. I would make it through maybe one down and back before he was done with his 12 mile runs. I’m still working on the first set of 11s as we speak.

We ran back to the flag for some Mary, not sure what we did here either but I didn’t let Holy Roller call burpees. Did CoR, NoR, announcements and intentions. I’m sure they were all good but again I don’t remember them. Closed with a moment of silence and went on our day.

Until next time


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