BackBlast The Escalator 12/2/2020

Had a fantastic morning at The Abyss at Long Run Park. Each AO is special and unique in it own way. Each has much to offer, and most have a characteristic that is unlike any other AO’s . The Abyss is Dark, no two ways about it. But there is a certain vibe that you get when you post there; and if you are lucky enough to be there on a morning like yesterday morning, (not a cloud in the sky,) where the stars are bright and you can literally exercise under the Moonlight it is pretty cool. Don’t be afraid, Go to The Abyss!

PAX- Jitterbug (QIC), Mr Hat, Uncle Sam (R), F-stop, Squid, Whiskers (Welcome Back!), Focker!, LadyBird (for whom nature called unfortunately, Respect)

Thang 1- Mosey to the Lake for COP and Stretching: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Merkins, Squats to get Blood Pumping. Mosey Back up the Hill to the Playground area working in some Bernie Sanders, High Knees, etc. along the way.

Thang 2- At the Picnic area next to Playground everyone grabbed a bench. I had the PAX perform 10 dips, 15 , then 20 Step Ups, I liked it so I had them do it again. Getting Warmer.

Thang 3- I had asked everyone to bring a coupon, or in the case of Focker, a 53lb ruck, sandbag looking thing (Dude?!) Anyway I asked each PAX to perform an Overhead Coupon carry and walk once around the Playground; when they were done I asked them to do it again, stopping halfway to do 5 Boyos. Good and Warm Now!

Main Thang- I revealed my Board of Pain, Which contained a group of Movements to perform with the Coupon, in succession; then sprint once around the playground…..Rinse and Repeat till I called time.

-Movements: 20 Crossover Merkins (1 hand on coupon, the other on the ground. Push up and over the coupon, then back the other way), 20 Coupon Squats, 20 Bicep Curls, 20 Tricep Extensions/Scull Crushers, 20 Mountain Climbers

-Sound Track: I exposed to the PAX some of my late 90s early 2000s Alternative Angst collection. They went with it.

Called time and we finished with 3 Minutes of Mary

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions.

We focused a lot on the conflict happening in our World, Our Country, and our City. The importance of Prayer for our leaders and the belief that we are more alike than we are different. This round of Covid seems to have hit us a little harder, and we are seeing more PAX deal with the sickness directly and the ramifications of that. Job loss, financial hardship, etc. YOU ARE PART OF THE SAFEST GROUP POSSIBLE TO REACH OUT TO FOR HELP. Do so for Goodness Sake.

F3 Offers us a rare opportunity that many don’t have; lets make the most of it, and let others know about it. An Honor to lead this group. Jitterbug Out!

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