Dynomite & Gypsy Co-Q Mash up 12/9 @ The Bridge

So I’m not going to lie….I was a little behind on putting together a Co-Q for this week. Yes, I got the blast about it a month in advance. Yes, I read the reminder from Jolly….what can I say, I am a procrastinator. Regardless, we have a good one for you in the AM. My man Gypsy stepped up to the plate after my Co-Q Beerfest of Nattylite and Buschhhhh was stolen by the garden…to quote Buschhhh “This sounds like the under workings of some F3 Politricks”. Enjoy your crappy beer Gardenites! Gypsy has been waiting to unleash some pain and it might be worst than this picture of the real Dynamite Gypsys! 🙂 So come on out to Poshland tomorrow and see what we are cooking.

Dyno Out!

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