1/1/2021 BlockOps The 06 #F3Counts #NewYearsDay

PAX: Fallguy (R-Badass), Digiorno Q

Weather: Cold and Raining, Fallguy gave the weather the crazy eyes and said “Is that all you got?” It actually started raining harder and then the wind started blowing.

We both grabbed coupons and headed to the Forktchy Bank VIP Pavilion.

Thang 1. Tabata 40sec work, 15sec rest, 4 cycles, 5 sets. Curls, Squats, Overhead Press, Merkins, Rows.

Thang 2: 10 rounds 5 Merkins, 10 Squats, 15 Big Boys/LBCs

Grabbed our coupons and headed back to the parking lot.

As always, it was great to start out the New Year doing something tough. Especially with the legend Fallguy.

As I drove away, I could swear Fallguy was going for another run…like I said badass.


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