BB-Pelican Q the Big Kapowski at Bayside 1.7.21

This morning was awesome! Well I thought it was, hopefully everyone else did too. I clowned car’d with Big Bird and got some good 2nd F in on the two day trip out there. Once in the parking lot we saw the PAX already there or rolling in soon..Squid said Shark Bait was was still scarred by my Boondocks play list so he stayed home. The PAX starting taking bets if Sadie was going to show and then right like that he pulled in. To my surprise my County, err Boondocks boys Dauber and FOCKER pulled in. Schotzie and Slide Rule came in following preblast instructions by bringing their own football. The rest of the boys including Birdie and his 2.0s Slugger and Firing Pin were there and ready to go. Introduced myself to the 2.0s by asking if they were wearing underwear. I now realize why Birdie and his two boys gave me a funny look and stayed away from me for most of the morning. I did follow up that by telling them we were on the couch last night and my M asked Primetime why she hasn’t washed any of his underwear in the last week. She thought he wasn’t changing them but turns it out he’s just been free balling for the past week or so. Next time I’ll lead with that story before asking about someone’s underwear or lack thereof.

PAX that were there with no plane in site-

Big Bird
Charolais (R)
Slugger (2.0)
Firing Pin (2.0)
Banana Bread
Pickle Ball
Slide Rule
Shuttlecock (R)
Pelican (Q)

I think this was a Bayside record according to the PAX. Well none of them said it but I think they all thought it. Anyways I gave the disclaimer and we ran over to the coupon stash to let those who don’t travel with one grab one. We ran over to do COP near the school. For COP we did-

10 Toy Soldiers IC

10 Grass Grabbers IC-told the PAX why this was my favorite COP exercise

10 Copper Head Squats IC-another one of my favorites

Michael Newman’s

Downward dog and atuff

We ran back with our coupons to the football field painted in the parking lot, passing right by the parking spot with 👄 on it. No one seemed to know what that was for, kind of weird but no weirder than a dude name Pelican asking a kid name Firing Pin if he had underwear on. I passed out the footballs I brought and we had enough for almost everyone but had to have a few guys share one. I had originally planned this Q for the football field but it’s locked now and after what I saw on TV yesterday figured we shouldn’t jump the fence.

Back to the one thang—punt, pass, kick F3 style. Hopefully everyone knows what this is but basically you punt, then you pass and then you try to kick a field goal. You start in the end zone and each time you go from where the ball landed. For the F3 version you did 10 exercises (will list below) then punted, rifle carried your coupon to where the ball landed sprinted back to the end zone and moseyed back to your coupon. Then you did 10 more reps and passed it, rifle carried to ball, sprint back to goal line moseyed back to the coupon. Then you did 10 more reps kicked a FG (or tried) rifle carried to ball, sprinted back to goal line moseyed back to ball and finished with 10 more reps. Sounds a lot more complicated than it was. Bayside PAX are smart and picked up on it quickly. If you got done early you did core work until the six was done. We did three rounds of this.

The exercises were-

Man makers round 1

Thrusters round 2

Pelicans round 3 (everyone agreed this was great name for the exercise, and it wasn’t stand around and talk no matter what Cratchit thinks a Pelican is )

Round 2 you had to use your off hand and foot which made for some interesting throws and kicks. If you had a partner you alternated who did the football action. Dauber and I were killing it especially lefty style probably thanks to the sweet ball we had. The best FG attempt I laid eyes on went about 3 feet off the ground so it’s probably a good thing we didn’t have a goal post to show how bad we were missing. Sadie and Squid were behind us much of the day (cause Squid is slow) and I was pretty sure I was going to get a punt in the back of my head at some point but never did. Big Bird was crushing his sprints at least the one I saw. It was clear the Banana Bread is definitely left handed and that the parking lot is not flat.

We had time for a minute or two of Mary as coupons were put back. We did LBCs and something else (maybe?).

Closed with NoR, CoR, announcements and intentions. Thanked the Bayside PAX for welcoming me for the second time in January. It’s a good group of hard working PAX and I should get out there more. Charolais thanked me for the stats which I gave credit to Tron for (or at least tell him that). I hope everyone had fun this morning, the time seemed to fly and we got 40 man makers, thrusters and pelicans in. We also learned than none of us can kick, punt or pass except maybe the 2.0s. Can’t wait to get back out there, maybe on one of those late Saturday morning starts they have (6 AM on Saturday really?).

Epilogue—as Bird and I were leaving he dropped the bomb on me that he used to be a place kicker in HS. Well if you watched him you would have never guessed that he was—actually I don’t know if that’s true I didn’t see any of his kicks. But with this distraction when leaving the parking lot I got into the wrong lane and drove for probably 1/3 of a mile in that lane before I could get over. Luckily school isn’t in session and no one was traveling to Bayside at that time. It was all Birds fault.

Until next time


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