01.12.2021 Back Blast – The Loco @ The County

Tuesday morning. 5:28am. Train. Yup, standard County issues. As time ticked away before the disclaimer, Hushpuppy and YHC started to realize it was going to be just the two of us. At 5:29:15, the cars started rolling in and we realized all the Prime Time Players of the County, were in fact, ready to work.

PAX: Tidwell, Cratchit, Honey Do, Double Down (R), Hushpuppy, Stick Up (Q).

5:30, disclaimer was given and we took a mosey around the school and circled up in the main parking lot.

COT: 25 SSH – IC, 10 Grass Grabbers – IC, 15 Toy Soldiers – IC, Downward dog, L/R calf, L/R runners stretch, 10 Merkins – IC.

THANG: Based on the fact I was stuck listening to nursery rhymes all weekend I thought it would be great to use them in a beatdown. Everyone knows the tale of the farmer’s dog named BINGO. We would based the workout around this tune and it went as follows:

B – Burprees
I – Imperial Walker Squats
N – Normal Monkey Humpers (4 count)
G – Gas Pumps (4 count)
O – Obamas – Bear crawl 4 steps, 4 merkins. Repeat across the width of the parking lot

Run a lap around the church. When you get back to the parking lot, INGO. Continue this until the song is finished.

Time was called on the last of the O’s and we circled around the flags.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, Words of Thanks.

I appreciate the guys showing up this morning and putting in the work. Shout out to Hushpuppy for getting me on the calendar!

Until next time –

Stick Up

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