BB Cloverfield @ ☘️The Garden☘️ – 1.14.21 – NattyLite

A big turnout this morning by the goons, The Abyss, and Posh. We gathered for the DORA OF DOOM and got better. No hills as promised. Not easy as promised.

Attendees: Nice and Slow, Diane Dukes, Big Bird, Shark Bait, Squid, Jimmy Neutron, Subprime, Mr Roper, Frosted Tips, Edward Scissorhands, Nino, Gypsy, Husky, Domino, Wide Right, Stick Up, Tenderfoot, Schlitz, Harbaugh, F-Stop, Gabba Gabba, Bacon, Ripple, Mr Hat, Catfish, NattyLite, & the Ghost Flag 🏴‍☠️.

Quick Stretch: SSH, DD/LL/RR

Thang 1: Pictured above after expanding the DORA ZONE due to the quantity of HIMs.

Thang 2: Last 8 minutes were given to the circle; most notably, Husky’s 9 Kraken Burpees.

Circled up at the flag, ceremonial transfer of the ghost flag, announcements, intentions, Our Father.

A strong showing that resulted in the Abyss taking possession of the Ghost Flag. Sounds like the guys were giving it 23 hours so Backflop may have some special guests at the Gladiator tomorrow.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead! ~NattyLite 🍻

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