Pre-blast: 🥶 🧊 02/11/12 – Temple of Gloom @ The O 🧊 🥶


Ice storm be damned… ToG is on @ The O tomorrow morning for those HIM brave enough to venture out in this mess and accelerate.

We’re going to stay on our feet for the duration of the workout. If you find yourself on your six, it’s because you busted it on some ice. With our sixes and hands out of the equation, expect some heavy leg and upper body work.

Wear whatever shoes have the best traction and hold up in water. Running will be next to impossible so you won’t have to worry about moving very fast. PLEASE BRING A COUPON. Cinder blocks preferred.

Use caution if you decide to make it out somewhere tomorrow. Mother Nature is no joke. Give yourself plenty of time and drive really slow. You got this.



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