BB Squid Q – The Ruiner @ The O 02.20.21

The temp in the gloom this morning was 4 degrees of sheer frigidity. We had snow or ice off and on for the past two weeks. Some of the snow was cleared, other snow was compacted and turned into ice and some snow remained untouched. The O is a sprawling shaded park. Sunshine hadn’t had time to melt much. Because of that planning and modifying was taking place all the way until 0700. I was not looking to get anyone hurt by slip hazards or frostbite.

My first plan was a parking lot back by the basketball courts. It had turned to slush at some point, been driven all over and then frozen solid. It was jarring just to drive through it, running here was not an option. The tennis courts were my next thought. The snow was fluffy and light, but I was confident it would end up with the PAX have wet clothes, shoes or gloves and that was asking for trouble in these temps. The road and sidewalk were both sheets of ice, not ideal. I was going to write a whiteboard for a Dora type of workout, but my marker wouldn’t write. Time for plan F or G, however far down the list I was. A couple of the PAX showed up and let me know there was a cleared parking lot just down the road that they have been using. With that I finally had my workout set.

0530 and we took off to the parking lot with Whitney, Gringo, Motorboat, Vincent and Violet.

We circled up for a few movements to get the blood flowing a little more and to get our bodies moving.

Once we were stretched out, I introduced the thang. We were going to remain in the circle for a series of water falls. The PAX would hold one exercise while the others would perform a set number of reps. We each would do 10 reps, one PAX at a time. Next round 9 reps, one PAX at a time and so one until we counted down to one. After the first hold and exercise was finished, we did a specified movement to the end of the parking lot an back.

Al GoreJump Squats
Super Mario
Arm liftSSH
Duck walk
High KneesKickbox block
Bernie sanders
High plankmountain merkin
Elbow plankhip twist
Arm Circles or Seal ClapBurpees

You ever watch a video with a “new” movement and think, “Sweet, that looks like it’ll be a good one.” Yeah, I thought that with the Kickbox Block. When I was demonstrating what felt like a new movement, Violet asked with only a bit of sarcasm “You mean Imperial Walkers?” Yes Violet, now that I think about it these are clearly just an imperial walker. Whatever, we’re still going to do them!

We finished up with a few PAX-selected Mary exercises and moseyed back to the flag for COR, NOR, announcements (Whitney’s Birthday Q is Wednesday at Vets) and intentions. Well done men.

Until Next Time,


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