BB Squid Q – Planetarium @ The Boondocks 02.23.21

Tour de ‘Ville de Sequel Stop #8

Le Pew was hyping today up by advertising the Ghost Flag and a highly anticipated visit by Tony Malito. There was also some planning going on by the Abyss guys because we wanted that Ghost Flag. I figured there would be a decent showing so I had to plan the Q accoridngly.

Shark Bait and I got to the park a little early to scope out the parking lot conditions. It was mostly clear with a few exceptionally dark ice spots (thankfully these weren’t the feared black ice spot Pelican spoke of). I finalized the planning just as the PAX started rolling in.

Worm got there first and backed into his parking spot by completing a 73 point turn. I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish, but it landed him in between the lines so we let it slide. The PAX continued to trickle in until Flip Flop put the exclamation point on the start time by barreling into the lot and splitting the circle of PAX as he raced to his parking spot. In all, 18 PAX were fired up and ready to start.

At 0530 I gave the disclaimer. Getting everyone’s attention at this point was like wrangling cats. I think FOCKER had an energy drink on the way in, Le Pew was already on his third pot of coffee for the morning, Worm was excited to have Malito by his side and Malito was amped up by a devious plan he had yet to reveal.

We lofted the coupons onto our shoulders and headed around the bend for warm-o-rama. We circled up and I think everyone did SSH, Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newmans and some runners stretches. In reality, half of the circled was paying more attention to the circus than they were to the Q.

After we warmed up, we carried our coupon to the beginning of the back lot. I demonstrated the Murder Maker, twice for F-Stop, and we made our way to the middle of the lot. We circled up again and I explained the thang.

The Thang
I had a Tabata timer that would give an exercise. We would do 20 second rounds with 10 seconds of rest. 4 rounds equal a set and we would move on to the next exercise. I had a few new exercises so I would demonstrate as we went along. I got the music going (90’s – 2000’s rock was just what the doctor ordered!) and got the timer started.
– Grave Diggers (coupon between your legs and scoop it up to you left ear, put it on the ground and scoop it to the right… You know, like digging a hole.)
– Curls
– Skull Crushers
– Kettlebell Swings
– Elf on the Shelf
– Mountain Merkin (Start like a Carolina Dry Dock but straighten out on the way down to a Merkin)
– Al Gore w/ Coupon
– Thrusters
– Seated Leg Raise (Sitting legs out straddling the coupon with back at a near 90 and hands on the ground beside your thighs, pick feet up and bring them together over the coupon, split and lower legs back to the sides of the coupon)
– Sunrise to Sunset (On your back, arms straight above your head on the ground grasping coupon, keep arms straight and bring coupon half circle to your waist, take it back to the ground above your head keeping arms straight the whole time.)
– LBC w/ Coupon
– Bench Press
– Flutter Kick w/ Coupon
– Man Makers
– Squats w/ coupon
– Merkin w/ Coupon pull through

We made our way back to the front of the lot and circled up for COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions. As congratulations were give to the 6 Monsters of the Abyss that came claim the Ghost Flag, Malito casually walked up to the flag and began to roll it up. Mr. Hat was quickly by his side, not sure if this was just an act of kindess of if he actually thought the two Vets were claiming it. Turns out, he was so convinced of the Boondock’s recruiting tactics that he thought the other 17 PAX in attendance were all Boonies. It took a little convincing but Malito begrudgingly relinquished Ghost Flag to Mr. Hat whome quickly secured it in his trunk.

The crowd was lively today. FOCKER couldn’t help but to sing karaoke through several of the songs, points for enthusiasm but no points for ability. Holy Roller apparently thought the work was too easy as he kept going through most of the 10 second rest periods. Yankovic wore an endangered animal pelt on his head. It was dark and I can’t say for sure, but it may have been a lions mane. Worm was clearly impressed by the music selection, although his “Guess the artist” attempts were pretty weak. Shark Bait witnessed Abacus go beast mode and rip a coupon to shreds. Cochran spent more time adjusting weights on his barbell than he did actually working out. Mr Hat is the best motivator in the group and was constantly cheering on the PAX. Le Pew and Malito probably had no idea that there was a workout going on, they were carrying on like a couple teenage BFFs on their side of the circle. The rest of the PAX were trying to find a way to revoke my internet access because they were tired of the nonsense exercises being called out that they didn’t understand.

Great work by everyone. It was a great morning in the gloom with this band of misfits. I look forward to the next time I can make out to the Boondocks.

Until Next Time,


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