BB- Mary T BO 2/26/21 – Meter Maid Q

When I went to the Mutt yesterday for Pelican’s Q, I had no idea I would sign up for a Mary T Q the next day. I had only been there one other time for a ruck and I remember Motor Boat purchasing a team weight cooler of adult beverages that we carried as team weight.

Fast forward to this morning, I arrived early to get a lay of land since I had never done any workouts here. Glen Ross had told me about a loop around the nearby golf course. When I drove in, I saw Fall Guy running in for the workout. As I was checking out the AO, Zima pulled up and provided some good intel on where the golf course was located.

I had a general idea of what I wanted to do (running and core) but nothing specifically written out. I credit Sump Pump’s recent O Q for my recent pivot.

More and more PAX showed up as we hit 5:30am. We had 16 as I gave my disclaimer and we moseyed to the golf course. At the COP, Backflop had caught up. We would later catch up with another PAX which will be discussed later.

Below were the 18 PAX who participated:

Motor Boat, Loco, Methane, Fall Guy (R), Deuce, Zima, Fridge, Harry Caray (with Dede his dog), Tammy Faye Baker (R), Peeping Tom, Wham, Backflop, BigBird, Glen Ross, PED, Ball Boy, Bob Ross, and Meter Maid (Q)

For COP, I did high knees IC (this a regular for a Backflop run heavy Q), quad stretches, Toy Soldiers IC (frequently done by the Greater County Area), and Grass Grabbers IC. We ran around the golf course and would periodically stop and do some core related exercises. I had no idea which golf hole we were on but it seemed to work out well.

At some point, a runner coming from the other direction asks is this the F3 group. It was Loco who arrived late and had freaked out some solo walkers on his bid to find us. He located us from my headlamp.

At the early stops, we did 5 preacher sits (on my up), 10 heel touches (4 count IC), and 15 flutter kicks (4 count IC). When waiting on the six, we would hold plank. It was interesting to hear how the one hill was named “Mary Sue”. Make sure to ask a regular about it. We went all over the golf course cart path. Wham helped to guide me out of the golf course and toward the road.

For the last thing before Mary, we ran down the main road all you got and mosey back. From this you could see all the serious runners move to the front. I liked watching Backflop make his CLan move to the front like the Kentucky Derby home stretch. I wasn’t sure if I was running slow or avoiding any potential gas coming from Backflop.

We ended up coming back to the parking lot for some Mary to close. I started with elevators. For those that haven’t done it, it is first, second and third floor and each pax calls out a floor. Little did I know there was a “penthouse“ legs out. There may have been a PAX that also let one rip at the same time as well. It sounded like he ripped a hole in his shorts.

Then we did the following Mary IC: low Dollys Freddie Mercuries, LBCs and high Dollys.

Time was called. We had nearly 3 miles through our run of the golf course and nearby area. For those who haven’t been here, I highly recommend coming on a Friday and checking it out.

We did COR and NOR. PED is moving to Breckinridge, CO. For announcements, Dare to Care is the 2nd weekend in March. The next monthly ruck is March 19th. For intentions, we prayed for a family having a premature baby, Windshield who lost his brother and several others as well.

We lifted up our said and unsaid intentions to the SkyQ. We were thankful to be out in the gloom. May we be the light in darkness and be kind to others. We ended with an our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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