BB- The Agony 3/4/21 – Meter Maid Q

I signed up for the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon on 4/25, so I figured needed to lead a “run” heavy workout. It was racing themed you vs. you workout. When I arrived, I placed all of my LED lights around the 1/2 loop around campus. I have a long way to go to amass the quantity of lights (and gas) that Backflop possesses.

When I pulled up, I heard Jerry Maguire talking about when his collegiate baseball career and how softball was totally different. Last week during the week, he alternated between playing tennis and workouts. He must have confidence in my workout because he didn’t bring his own board containing exercises (next time you see Pelican or Dauber, ask them about it).

When we started, there were ten PAX. They included Gisele, Octodad, Asian Zing (R), Brown Water, Pelican, Tidwell, Jerry Maguire (R), WILDFlower, Backflop and Meter Maid (Q).

I gave the disclaimer and we took a quick mosey around the parking lot that I called the qualifying lap. I had everyone circle up and do a quick count off. For COP, we did Mountain Climbers IC, Copperhead Squats IC, downward dog and stuff (the right way, just ask me), and Michael Phelps OYO. A some point, Backflop backfired during COP. It was awkward.

The workout would be very simple. There were 5 lights setup around the County Loop and each exercise was 20 reps. A 1/2 mile loop would be the equivalent of 100 reps. This why I had placed the racing of various races in 100 mile increments. As a teaser, I had said it could be a dumpster fire. At Mary T last Friday, Backflop said I missed an opportunity to do dumpster squats. Today I would not disappoint. We started at the basketball goals with 20 Bobby Hurleys, headed to the football field for 20 merkins, 20 steps ups (single count) at the Little Colonel, 20 dips at the Portico and 20 dumpster squats by the dumpster.

Backflop was rolling this morning after coming back from Chicago on a business trip. He ended up lapping everyone else there.

As it got close to time, I made sure the PAX shortened their loop to help keep everyone close for Mary. With about 5 minutes left, Pelican led some Mary while I went to go look for the remaining PAX. When I came back with about a minute and 15 seconds left, we did Flutter Kick (4 count) in cadence. I got all the way to 49 before time was called. I had nearly 3 miles. If you want a fun new game, send Pelican or other PAX a map of the workout and ask them the shape.

It was called a Thermos or a mean shark torpedo. What do you think?

We did COR and NOR. For announcements, I have the Q on Saturday at the Fog (3/6), Dare to Care will be 3/13 (see Slack or Jitterbug for more info) and the monthly ruck will be 3/19. I took intentions and let the PAX know how important they have been during COVID and asked for them to reach out to those haven’t been out to the gloom for awhile.

Always humbled to lead,

Meter Maid

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