3.13.21 BB-The Ruiner @ The O-BigBird Q

Almost three weeks ago. Wienke was established and I knew what I was going to do for the hour long Saturday workout. Fast forward to Monday March 8th. Buschhhhh reaches out and says, “bird man.… not sure what your weinkie looks like (yikes) but tradition has it both Mutt and O run up to Molly Malones (Now the Raven) and share a pint of Guinness to kick off St Patrick’s Day weekend. Let me know if you’re good to escort the O Pax and meet us at 7:25ish At the pub!” Thought 1: Heck yes!! Thought 2: How is this the first year I’ve heard about this? And Thought 3: well, there were a lot more of other thoughts but nothing that a quick convo with Buschhhhhh couldn’t solve. Shoren Begorrah!! Let’s do it!

0655, 6 ruckers would be chewing the fat after about a 4 mile-ish ruck while other PAX showed up ready to work. Worm welcomed his FNG to the crew. And although he couldn’t stay, made sure to let me know when it was time to get going. Pretty sure we saw him make a second loop around the park before he drove off. JOMO’s a real thing.

The PAX: Tron, Timberwolf, Violet, Motor Boat, Harry Caray, Gollum, Russdiculous, Handbook, Sump Pump, Blueprint, Tammy Faye Baker, Shyster, Ron Jon (FNG)

Disclaimer was given and let the PAX know that we may or may not (leaning heavily on the may) enter a drinking establishment and to bring a mask if that was your preference. Off for a mosey and stopped at the front of the park for…

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Abe Vagodas, Runners Stretch, L over R, R,R amd L,L with Pigeon Stretches each side.

Off for a Mosey down Pee Wee Reese Rd making 3 stops along the way for 17 Burpees, 17 Jump Lunges and 17 Merkins. There was some fantastic mumble chatter and I learned a lot about a lot of different dudes. One thing’s for certain, I will not be trying to break into Motor Boat’s car any time in the future! By the way Mutt dudes, there’s been a string of break ins up your way so park your car in your garage if you can and/or be prepared like Motor Boat.

As we make the turn from Willis Ave onto Breckinridge at exactly 0725, we approach the Mutters, led by Buschhhhh doing some Freddy Mercurys or Flutter Kicks in the lot at The Raven…getting after it! But wait! He did say meet at 0725, right? And it was just now 0725…well perhaps Buschhhhh had a thirst that had to be quenched straight directly!

The Thang: Some good, quality 2rdF at The Raven (fun fact: Molly Malones was changed to the name The Raven because the owner’s eldest son Brannock partially means raven in Irish. Good new for all of us Bengals, Browns or Steelers fans out there. Thank you to Buschhhhh for once more providing a place and the pints to allow us to come together, if only for a short amount of time and to celebrate St. Practice Day.

At about 0745 we bid our fare thee wells to the Mutters and moseyed the 1.5 miles back to flags stopping once to get in 17 Gorilla Merkins and 17 Flutter Kicks IC.

Circled up at the flags for COR, NOR & COT. We named our FNG ‘Ron Jon’ because he wore his sunglasses for nearly the entire workout on an overcast day. And even though he gave us A LOT of material, 95% of Violet’s fantastic recommendations were unusable….so we just went with the obvious. Harry Caray was our “6” so we learned who brought him out, how long he’s been out and how he got his name.

We made some announcements and said some intentions. Asked the Sky Q to hear the intentions we hold in our hearts, thanked him for the prospect of another day and to help us to be light to those that are in darkness.

Thanks again Buschhhhh for everything and for never failing to bring the good times to F3 Louisville….we’ll at least to F3 Louisville outside of the Wattsrson…

Until Next time…


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