BackBlast The Planetarium at The Boondocks 3/16/21

Started to write my preblast for the O tomorrow and it dawned on me I might have forgotten something. Ah yes, my return engagement toThe Planetarium this past Tuesday. Gents, it really isn’t that far and the HIM of The Boondocks will make it worth your while. Also……almost as dark as The Abyss; get yourself out there.

To the best of my memory this is what went down…I say that because we are in day three post workout and the Board of Pain I used seems to have gone missing.

PAX- F-Stop, Natty Light, Jewel, Verbal, Yankovic (R), Holy Roller (R), Bulletin (R), Fungi, Abacus, Focker, Diane Dukes, LePew, Jitterbug (QIC)

Short Mosey with Coupons for COP. Short mainly because as I mentioned, dark other than the one light… SSH, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Kendra, Michael Phelps, Stretching. A few Merkins and Mountain Climbers to get warmed up.

-Thang 1 -Pax lined up on one side of Parking Lot with Coupon. Had the PAX perform a “7” With Manmakers and Overhead Press. After the Manmakers on one side, the PAX Rifle Carried coupons to other side of lot (50 Feet?), then after the Overhead Press,Murder Bunnied Back…..Sucked

-Thang 2 -Back to our Light Source to partner up for some Amrap Exercise. (This is where things get vague.) I had partner one Amrap a Coupon Exercise, while partner 2 Bernie Sanders about 50 yards, turned and Sprinted another 50 to the Road, then Sprint all the way back. The exercise included but may or may not have been limited to: Coupon Curls, Triceps Extension/Skull Crusher, Coupon Squats, Bent Over Row

-Thang 3- (Memory genuinely foggy at the is point) What I know is that there was a Board with Exercises, The Pax Completed them in Order and then Rinse and Repeat until Time. My best guess: 10 Crossover Coupon Merkins, 20 Big Boys, 30? Coupon Chest Press, Something Else, Then Finish with 20 single count hop over the coupon and back. Those I remember because I really don’t care for them.

-Left us a few minutes for Mary and then COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions. We spoke a bit about the continued challenges that we face in The World, our City, Our Communities, and of Course often with our own Families. We spoke about the awesomeness of the opportunity to be a part of this group that helps all of us be the best possible version of ourselves; and the great work of HIM currently like @unclerico, @tammyfayebaker, @fungi, and so many others.

Such an Honor and an Inspiration to lead.

Jitterbug Out

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