BB 4-5-21 Pickleball Q- Incubator @ South Posh

As promised we kept the exercises “simple” in terms of complexity to help everyone kick off the week with a clear head, but sore bodies and lungs! Great group of HIMs got after it and the time flew by!

PAX- Pickleball (Q), Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Ladybird (R) +Emma, Jitterbug (R)

COP- Quick parking lot mosey back to the start to circle up. We proceeded to get warm and loose with Side Straddle Hops, Grass grabbers, plank stretches, toe touch stretch and then capped off COP with my favorite, 10 WATERFALL MERKINS!!! Quick arm loosening with circles and Michael Phelps. Then we got started…

Off we went to do a legit Indian run around the egg lawn. Focused on good tempo on the jogging and maximizing the sprint section for ultimate effectiveness. We ended up at the bridge where we did group exercises while one person would spring across the bridge and back then the next person would go and the group would switch exercise. As many reps of each as we could do WE DID! Squats, high plank, jump squats, low plank, LBCs, alternating supermans, merkins, flutter kicks, toe raises, pickle pounders.

Quick mosey back to the starting point, left us enough time to do four sprints in the parking lot, some dips, some derkins, and one last set of LBCs. Time was called!

Proudly circled the flag. Quick mention of keeping things simple and keeping heads clear. Focus on what is important in life and don’t clutter your mind. No need to reinvent the wheel. Prayers and intentions spoken, especially for Huggies family. It was a pleasure to lead great HIMs this morning to start my week! Until next time!

Peace Out,


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