5.7.21 – BB: The Baptizer w/ Jewel

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The Welsh Dragon is not to be treated lightly.

Before the recap – some housekeeping. A HUGE thank you to Nino (1st F Q Emeritus) for paving the way for the Baptizer. He had a plan, put it in place, and let me steer the ship for a little while. I’m incredibly thankful for him for entrusting his idea to me. It was so much fun to be the first site Q. Today, I got to hand the site Q duties off to a true HIM, and great friend, NattyLite, I can’t wait to see how much bigger and better it gets in the coming months. I’m honored to move into the First F role, and hope to make every single PAX in F3 proud.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

TL/DR – we did the dragon up the back hill – increasing reps (merkins/ plank jacks/ shoulder taps) to the 2nd set of stairs. Most PAX hit 10 reps, then started over and got back to 4. it was terrible. But fun to introduce something new. We then went up both hills and back (repeats) for the better part of 35 minutes with coupons. WOOF.

The Real BB – 0530 – Natty’s first official move as site Q was to return the Baptizer to the standard 45 minute schedule to the cheers of all.
1. Methane
2. Air Raid (R)
3. Dauber
4. Wide Right
5. NattyLite
6. Minnow
7. Edward Scissorhands
8. Nice and Slow
9. Huggies
10. Jewel – Q

Disclaimer was given

1. SSH
2. Toy Soldiers
3. Abe Vigodas
4. Downward Dog

Thang 1 – Welsh Dragon on the Hill of Stolen Souls
4 bear crawl movements followed by 1 each- merkin/ plank jack/ shoulder taps (each shoulder) – increase reps of the exercises after each set of bear crawls. Max the reps out at 10, start over at 1. Original plan was to go to the speed bump – YHC quickly realized that would be terrible, and would take too long. OMAHA! To the 2nd set of stairs. I think the PAX appreciated that.

Thang 2 – at the bottom of the HSS – w/ coupons
Curl to Press x 10
Coupon Squats x 20
Run up the HSS to bottom of Baptizer

At the bottom of Baptizer
BOYOS x 10
Apollo Ohnos x 20
Retrace run to the bottom of the HSS

Rinse & Repeat

at 0612 We lined up for a couple quick sprints in the back parking lot.
Mosey to the flag.

Announcements – Dare To Care: still need people.
Officially handed the flag off to NattyLite

Intentions – Husky!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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