BB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 8.27.21 – NattyLite

Q School Day 5 @ The Garden was a good time. 15 HIMs conquered a pretty decent core focused workout.

  • The Thangs:
  • COP – SSH, Imperial Walkers, DD, LoR/LL/LR/RoL/RR/RL
  • Thang 1 – Lower Lot Route Kraken Indian Run
  • Thang 2 – Jack Webb Ghidorah / Bear Crawl (1:4) up the Baptizer
  • Thang 3 – DORA: Partner runs to top of Baptizer and back to switch, 200 LBCs, 100 Nino’s Little Teapots (100x per side), 100 Bench Press, 100 Big Boys, 100 Snatch, 100 Leg Raise, 100 Coupon Squats, 100 Supermans (2 count at top), 100 Burpees

I don’t believe anyone made it through 100 burpees, but several teams got close. Closed out with a little Mary.


Edward Scissorhands
Uncle Rico
Wide Right
Jimmy Neutron
Mr Roper
Bob Ross
Wet Bandit
NattyLite (Q)

Always appreciate the opportunity to lead!

Cheers 🍻 ~NattyLite

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