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Mr. Hat
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Hush Puppy (Q)

Conditons: 59° Light Rain

Gear: Coupon, Gloves, Running Shoes.

I pulled up to the Abyss at 4:50 and hopped out to scope out the area. Ive been to 3 work outs at the Abyss and it seems to be pretty expansive. With that said I knew this beat down only required 94 feet so we kept things simple and utilized the basketball court.

Disclaimer was given and we got on with COP and a mosey to the Boat Ramp. We did slow grass grabbers, SSH, Toy Soldiers, downward dog, Left over right, right over left, right right, left left. Ham strings were stretched to a T and we were ready to begin.

This Weinke was inspired by the previous weeks IPC. The idea was to do a set number of reps and run until a goal number was reached. Runs were rquired at certain points during the rep counts.

10 man makers and a suicide until 50 man makers are reached

20 merkins and a suicide until 100 reps

30 squats and a run until 150 reps

Last was 40 over head press and a run until 200 reps

We almost completed the full list but had to stop just shy of 200 OHPs.

We circled up for announcements and intentions, I almost forgot Name o Rama since I didnt have my phone out in the rain but we got it done!

It was a cool moist morning at the Abyss. A good one to get out and get it done. Thank you to my brothers who came out to support! I hope to make it out again soon.

Hush Puppy

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