Backlist The Ruiner @ The O

Great Saturday Morning at The Original, despite some counting and depth perception issues on my part we managed to have a great workout.

PAX- Harry Caray, Russdiculous, Tron, Handbook, Dot (R), Sump Pump (R), Jitterbug (Q)

COP SSH, Grassgrabbers, Toy Soldiers, Abe V’s, Mountain Climbers, Stretching, and quick Mosey around the Tennis Courts.

Thang 1- Combined Merkins with Rifle Carry of coupons the width of the tennis courts. 5 merkins rifle carry across court 1, 10 merkins rifle carry across court 2, 15 Merkins rifle carry across court 3, then work back down with 10 Merkins and then 5 Merkins. We then repeated this pattern with Squats.

Thang 2- A “7” with Manmakers and Jump Squats. 6 MM’s Sprint to end of the Tennis Courts, 1 Jump Squat, Bernie Sanders back….Etc.

Thang 3 -Moseyed to neighborhood across the road and used the Hill for another “7” of T-merkins and Bobby Hurleys.

Thang 4- Moseyed back to Tennis Courts for Lucky”7″ number 3. This one was Thrusters and Squats. In between Pax did a bear crawl the Width of one court and Lunge Walk Back

Thang 5- PAX Did 10 cross over Merkins with Coupon, 10 Coupon Hopovers and 10 Big Boys, then took a lap around the interior of the courts….Rinse and Repeat 2 more times.

That left 5 minutes for Mary and back to the Flag

COR, NOR, Intentions…..Pleasure to Lead this Group

Jitterbug Out

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