Cloverfield at ☘️The Garden☘️ 4.14.22 PreBlast

What to expect at ☘️The Garden☘️ tomorrow: 

  • Squats ❌
  • Lunges ❌
  • Calf Raises ❌
  • Monkey Humpers ❌
  • Merkins ✅
  • Curls ✅
  • Overhead Press ✅
  • Bent Over Rows ✅
  • Skull Crushers ✅

Tomorrow’s WO has an emphasis on the upper body raising mind-blowing questions like:

  • “Will we move?”
  • “How will we move?”
  • “Will we run?!?”

The only way to know is to show up. If you typically don’t post at ☘️The Garden☘️ bring a coupon to ensure we have enough.


– Nino

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