Bootcamp BB- The County Fair 2022 – 6/4/22 – Dauber Q

Following the run, everyone congregated in the parking lot to stretch out their muscles after the 5k. We also picked up a few like Holy Roller who rode his motorcycle in. He looked like Backflop getting ready for a work out of town run in his blue jeans. Don’t worry Holy Roller had shorts under his blue jeans.

While this isn’t the 5k BB, Lambeau smoked it. He said it was his further run to date. Captain needs to sign him up for the Bourbon Chase. Since the run concluded after 7am, it was like going to a Mutt Saturday (not a full hour) except we had pax traveling to this convergence style. Pelican would probably ask why converge hasn’t been at the County yet, but I digress. Dauber provided a quick disclaimer that felt like a Seinfeld yada yada.

He split us up into two groups or so we thought. The faster runners from the 5k were paired with another pax member. I am not sure how some of them ended up teaming up.

We mosey to the Central Park. We partnered up and DeVitto stepped in dog poop. Apparently track shrank overnight. Partners went opposite direction with 4 lunge walk and 5 merkins until meeting and then bear crawled or lunged walk to the start. Team finishing had to do SSH. Even with two teams, it looked like the Kentucky Derby traffic across the track. Top 3 teams were penalized for winning. Lambeau might be the fastest bear crawler in all F3 Louisville. Dauber didn’t get the Jason McCarthy (GoRuck founder) that it pays to be a winner.

The second activity was around the Little Colonel playhouse. Pax had to do 40 step or box jumps and then switch partner doing t-merkins. It went down by 10 reps until each partner completed 10 steps. The three winning teams had to start later. If you were doing the 10k merkin challenge, you get a green check mark. Crossing the street was like playing frogger. Time Share and YHC dominated this part of the workout.

Next we headed to the caboose area with a new water fountain. This would be a similar activity with merkins and walls sits.

Then we moseyed to the front County parking lot. Winners penalized again. This was run to the top of the steps while other partner held plank. Each partner had to run three times. I feel bad for whoever has to clean the upstairs door everyone touched.

The finale used pyrotechnics since Backflop didn’t have the fireworks to start the 5k run. I think it negatively impacted my time for sure.

All new teams of 5 with various exercises. You did 10 of the first and went through a mine field. The second exercise was 20 reps and third was 30 reps. If your team hit a mine, you did more burpees. I could have sworn that Lambeau and Holy Roller were hitting them everything on purpose.

We circled up with 5 minute left and Dauber played guilty pleasure songs no one knew except for Kitty Litter and Brown Water. DeVitto was disappointed there was no Van Halen. Make sure to ask Abacus thought of the boot camp music. We did some core exercises until time. Dauber closed out with COR and NOR since half of everyone had to leave.

I handed out patches to most. I have no recollection of kickballs after our 2-0 lead after two innings. The other team had 6 vs our 5 so there has to be an * for sure. Glad everyone was able to make the 2nd Annual County Fair. #MTCGA

-Meter Maid

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