BB Baptizer ☘️ The Garden ☘️ – 7.1.22 – NattyLite

Delivered on my promise that all running would be downhill – but making your way up the hill still proved difficult.

6 gathered at the one and only Garden. Took my Goshen workout and modified to tailor it to The Baptizer.

Following some stretch, we gathered at the base of the Baptizer – each round starts w 5 burpees, 10 big boys, 15 squats followed by a Jack Webb (4:1) trip up the Baptizer, at the top we did 30 LBCs, run back down and repeat proceeding to the next Jack Webb.

  1. Bear Crawl / Ghiadora
  2. Lunge Walk / Bobby Hurley
  3. Broad Jump / Burpee
  4. Bear crawl / WMDs
  5. Lunge Walk / Jump Squat
  6. Broad Jump / Mountain Climbers

Ended w a few minutes of Mary.

HIMs in attendance: Mountain Momma, Steve-O (Goshenite), Jewel, Husky, Minnow, NattyLite (Q)

Always a pleasure to lead!

Cheers ~NattyLite

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