Workout Schedule, Locations, Areas of Operation and Black Ops

Click the Map below for all Areas of Operation

All Workouts Occur Rain or Shine, No Matter the Conditions

The O: Seneca Park Location

Seneca Park Tennis Courts (<—-Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Tuesday (#BagofWrenches; Wham! Site Q) 0530-0615

Thursday (#TempleofGloom; Violet Site Q) 0530-0615

Saturday (#Ruiner; Vincent Site Q) 0700-0800

The Poshlands: Parklands Location

Near Gheens Foundation Lodge (the Parklands) (<—-Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Monday (#Incubator; Bob Ross Site Q) 0530-0615

Wednesday (#theBridge; Retainer Site Q) 0530-0615

Saturday (#theFog; Gypsy Site Q) 0700-0800

North Posh Meet in Common area of William F. Miles Community Garden shelter by parking lot (<—-Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Monday (#theSilo; Catfish Site Q) 0530-0615

The Mutt: HT Fields Location

Holy Trinity Parish School (small playground in the back) (<—-Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Tuesday (#theRooster; Deuce Site Q) 0530-0615

Wednesday (#theBlender; Backdraft Site Q) 0530-0615

Thursday (#theExtender; Zima Site Q) 0530-0615

Saturday (#theHurt; Geppetto Site Q) 0700-0800

AS OF 10/3/18 CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: The Carpenter: Joe Creason Park

Joe Creason Park, 1297 Trevilian Way.  Meet at the Playground Parking Lot off Sheridan Avenue; 38.210188, -85.707733 (<—Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Tuesday (#theCarpenter; Nickleback Site Q) 0530-0615

Bayside: Martha Layne Collins Highschool, Shelbyville, KY

801 Discovery Blvd, Shelbyville, KY 40065.  Meet in the parking lot behind the school (<—Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Thursday (#theBigKapowski; Sadie Site Q) 0530-0615

Saturday (#the Max; Banana Bread Site Q) 0600-0700

The Tank: Jeffersontown Veterans Memorial Park

10617 Taylorsville Road, Louisville KY 40299.  Meet in the Jeffersontown Veterans Memorial Park (<—Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Wednesday (#theTank; Kilo Site Q) 0530-0615

Friday (#theChopper; SnowDay Site Q) 0530-0615

The County: St. Aloysius Pewee Valley

St. Aloysius Pewee Valley (<—Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Tuesday (#theLoco; Valdez Site Q) 0530-0615

Thursday (#Agony; Airplane Site Q) 0530-0615

       Saturday (#TheNest; Big Bird Site Q) 0700-0800

Pleasantville: Norton Commons Amphitheater

Norton Commons Amphitheater (<—Google Map hyperlink to exact location)

Friday (#Wisteria; Grinder Site Q) 0530-0615

F3 Louisville Black Ops (BO)

F3 Louisville has rotating, pop-up workouts all over the Region called Black Ops.  If a Black Op is scheduled, it can be found on the Q/Event Calendar (LINK) and will designate the type of Black Op (e.g., workout, ruck, run), the location and the start time and end time.  If you’re down range, want to catch a beatdown and we don’t have a regular AO, email us at or tweet us at @F3Louisville and @F3VilleBlackOps and we’ll see if we can’t scramble a Black Op.