5/12 #theruiner #delayed BB

Q: Nickleback and Jordy PAX: Tron, Fergie, Face, FNG (Footlose), Seabass, Flojo, Nickleback, Cutless, Methane, Pablo, Snowman, CI, Catfish, Red Roof, Jordy, Nugget. In the words of a former coach of mine, “excuses are the nails in the house of failure;”  I’m not sure if I have a bunch of rusted nails or a bigContinue reading “5/12 #theruiner #delayed BB”

5/5 Black Ops- Backblast @ #thehill (nolin lake)

Conditions: slippery grass, wet gravel, considerable rain, 62* Location: cabin at undisclosed location near Conolo Way at Nolin Lake Site description: 6 cabins over looking the lake joined by a series of sequential hills varying in level of brutality, connected by a semi flat road at the top of the fun slopes. Q: Nickleback PaxContinue reading “5/5 Black Ops- Backblast @ #thehill (nolin lake)”