Backblast The Beach

F3 5-11 BlackOps

Q – Iceman

AO: the beach

Q Iceman

Pax: 10 Mcafee, Jitterbug, Nino, Kilo, Nice and Slow, Skid, Swifty,Whiff, Snowman, Iceman

Warmup –

Kinetic court work:

Butt kicks, high knees. Side to side, knee/quad grabs, armcircles, run to net/5 block jumps/bernie sanders back(repeat)

Railroad Tracks – plank to low plank, burpee, leap… burpee to start(Him hopping over him)

The Beatdown

Thang 1 –

Conework- partner up

Speed lines, sprint to end of side, Lunge back, 3x, karaoke back, mosey back

side jumps, skaters, squares (Rinse and Repeat) until relief.


20 Flutter Kicks

Boat/Canoe Hold

Thang 2 – court work, side distance all 3 courts –

Bombs – partner up

100 Merkins -broad hop, D back

50 Jump Tuck – Bearcrawl, Bernie back

Flutter Kicks – lunge, mosey back

Thang 3 –

Great “balls” Ring of fire – 1 large ring – bear crawl clockwise – 5 merkins , reverse and repeat 4-3-2-1… grrrrrrr


20 American Hammers, box cutters, flutter kicks

Burp volleyball

EC – 11s burpees, 11, 10, etc. Q modified due to time and tank issues.


Lord as we reach out to you today, please wrap your arms around us and help us to be better men, better husbands, better fathers, better sons, better leaders and better individuals.

Cancer and Alzheimer’s suck. Pray for all affected. Special callout for my mother in law and my wife’s family.

Thank you for the sand under our feet even though it was a “bitch”/beach today.

In Jesus name we pray… amen