Double Down Challenge

Image from iOS (8)During the first 3 months of 2018 the Iron Horse Challenge was in place. In 2019 we’re going to do something very similar, but with a new name & a few moderate modifications. From 1.1.18 – 3.31.18 @Double Down posted 52 times across every AO & future AO (multiple times at each) setting the standard for all PAX. As DD continues to recover we will honor his presence in ITG…

GOAL: The DOUBLE DOWN CHALLENGE is designed to reinvigorate male community leadership this winter at F3 LOUISVILLE, while strengthening all 3 Fs, and help the PAX make an impact in Louisville.

DURATION: 1.1.19 – 3.31.19

REWARD: For successfully completing the 2019 DOUBLE DOWN CHALLENGE, you will receive an awesome DOUBLE DOWN CHALLENGE 2”x 3” Velcro patch. You will also receive priceless amounts of fellowship and leadership growth while becoming a better man in every sense.

THANG: Here is what you need to do to complete the DOUBLE DOWN CHALLENGE:

1st F: The Magnet – Improve your Fitness
– Post to 40 workouts (averages out to about 3 per week)
* 1 BlackOps per week can go towards this component
* Monthly Ruck Events can also go towards this component

– Post to 8 workouts at AOs away from your home AO

– Q once each month (January, February, March)
* At least one of these Qs must be away from your home AO

2nd F: The Glue – Strengthen your Fellowship
– Attend at least 3 second F events
– Share some fellowship with your F3 brothers at 3 coffeeterias, Hump Day Happy Hours (HDHH), etc.
3rd F – The Dynamite - Make an Impact

Participate in 2 third F opportunities. This does not necessarily mean making a donation. Seek out a service opportunity at your place of worship. We will have some opportunities available to be posted soon, as well. Or, find your own way to make an Impact.
* There is generally a 3rd F aspect of the Monthly Ruck Event, the participation of this can go towards this component

If you want to participate in the DOUBLE DOWN CHALLENGE you must do 2 things:
1. Join the channel “#DoubleDownChallenge” on SLACK
2. Pay a $5.00 entry fee at any point from 1.1.19 – 3.31.19. The fee is for your patch.
Double Down Challenge