6.8.2021 – LePew’s PB at The Boondocks

@airplanef3 is the king of delegation. He’s making a cameo at the County tomorrow, so I’m picking up his Q. I don’t mind because he along with Abacus are responsible for headlocking so many men in the early days of F3 Louisville. That said, come out to the Boondocks tomorrow for leg day. No Coupons.Continue reading “6.8.2021 – LePew’s PB at The Boondocks”

5/24 Pre-Blast – St. Als Black Ops

For the past 3 weeks I have had the privilege of posting with you HIM at the Poshlands and St. Als. With about 9 posts under my belt, @airplanef3 called upon me to VQ…so here we go! Tomorrow’s blackops at St. Als will have a theme… “The way up is the way down” Hills, Help &Continue reading “5/24 Pre-Blast – St. Als Black Ops”